What Are You Playing This Weekend?

While many of you will be enjoying Grand Theft Auto V this weekend, RPadholic N8R and I will be at the first annual Electronic Cigarette Convention. It’s always awesome seeing Nate and I’m looking forward to catching up with him. The show should be a lot of fun. Vaping companies from all over the world will be displaying goods and a few companies are launching new products or limited-edition products at the show. It’s going to be Nate’s job to keep me from getting too distracted from all the shiny new toys and tasty new e-liquids. I have a bunch of interviews planned with vaping companies from America, the Philippines, Finland, and more. I’ve attended several shows at the Anaheim Convention Center (Blizzcon, NAMM, etc.) and I’m curious to see what a large convention center full of vapers will be like. Will we be able to see anything?!?

So yeah, Nate and I will be at ECC. How about you? What’s on your weekend playlist?

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5 thoughts on “What Are You Playing This Weekend?”

  1. I’m going to Boston for my week off of school (finished with 4.0) and my mom, yes my mom, got me GTA 5 so I’ll be playing that when I return home.

  2. Hey, forgive me if I am behind, but how are you doing, Ray? Last I had heard, you had some potentially serious health issues that you had to deal with. You needed to get a biopsy or something? You doin’ well?

    1. Thanks for checking in Sir! The ear infection is mostly gone. It looks like that issue will be a non-issue in a week or so. The thing I need to get a biopsy on will have to wait a bit. I have to get hand surgery and I’m putting it off until the holidays for a few reasons. First, I won’t be able to type for a bit and missing the holiday games rush and PS4/Xbox One launches would be bad. Second, it’s expensive. Ha!

  3. ECC was awesome. Had a great time and we caught some great stuff.

    I was amazed at how many exhibitors and other people there were also commenting about how they got pulled away from GTAV.

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