What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This weekend will be full of errands. Today, I have to go back to the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China. Last time, I waited nearly two hours before being told that I needed additional papers. It’s back to the front of the line again. Hopefully the wait won’t be as bad…but it probably will be.

After that, I have a bunch of notes housekeeping to do. As I mentioned earlier in the week, my beloved Catch Notes is shutting down at the end of August. After trying a few alternatives, I’m begrudgingly going with Evernote. It has way more features than I need, but the barebones alternatives I tried were too barebones. Plus, I’m confident that I don’t have to worry about Evernote shutting down the way that Catch Notes did…though I’m still kind of worried. *sigh* Too bad Google Keep isn’t better and Apple doesn’t have a note-taking program that syncs with iCloud. Anyway, I’ll be undertaking the incredibly mundane task of transferring my Catch Notes files to Evernote. Too bad RPadholic 1ceman’s receptionist isn’t around to do this for me. She’s yummy.

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5 thoughts on “What Are You Playing This Weekend?”

  1. Dont have much planned im really close to finishing gta4 finally lol! Then elysium tomorrow

  2. … and borderline jailbait for you.

    Besides, don’t they have good-looking women in L.A? Hire one for free and call it an “internship.”


    1. Most of the young and beautiful women in Los Angeles are waitresses that think they’re going to movie stars. Generally speaking, people in movies/TV bug me.

  3. I’ll probably play some more Crackdown. I got that from the games for gold, and it kind of turned out to feel like a really cheap version of GTA, which is making me want GTA5 right now. I beat the game fairly easily, and now I’m thinking of trying to finish the time trials on suicide difficulty.

  4. Borderlands 2. My friends and I got it during the summer steam sale, so we’ll probably be playing that. :D

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