Help Me Find a New Note-Taking App/Service

I’ve been using Catch Notes for several years, going back to when the app/service was called 3Banana. Sadly, the service is going bye-bye at the end of the month. Do any of you have recommendations for a note-taking app and service? I would prefer something minimalistic and need something that works across multiple platforms (Android, iOS, OS X). I’ve used Evernote before, but find it too bloated for my note-taking needs. Plus, I’ve read that the latest version of the OS X app is a resource hog and a spam machine. I looked at Google Keep, but that’s at the other end of the spectrum — too barebones in its current state. Catch Notes has an ideal combination of being very lightweight and having just enough features. You guys and gals would rule if you could help me find a replacement (note: you rule anyway).

Kindly leave your note-taking app recommendations in the comments section!

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2 thoughts on “Help Me Find a New Note-Taking App/Service”

  1. I use Simplenote and love it. It is free and works on everything. It’s really easy to use (my husband can do it). We keep the app synced between us so I know if there’s something he needs done or picked up while he’s gone.

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