Microsoft Lists Xbox One Gold Features

Microsoft has posted a list of Xbox Live Gold features you can enjoy on the Xbox One for $60 a year. The expected features of online gaming and premium entertainment apps (i.e. Netflix) are extra. Features touted at the two Xbox One press conferences earlier this year also require Xbox Live Gold — NFL on Xbox, OneGuide, Game DVR, Skype, and SmartMatch are part of the premium service. Check out the nifty infographic above for a visual explanation.

Now that you have more information on what’s free and what’s not on Xbox One, has your opinion on PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One changed? Do you feel that Microsoft is being to stingy with the features that it holds behind the Xbox Live Golden gate? Or do you think these features justify the cost of a premium subscription? Do you believe that the PlayStation 4 is a better value because it offers more features without a subscription? Feel free to have a console flame war in the comments section!


Author: RPadTV

4 thoughts on “Microsoft Lists Xbox One Gold Features”

  1. Skype is free to use everywhere else.

    I’m shocked the TV guide and DVR functions are behind a paywall.

    1. Really, you’re shocked at this? I’m shocked that they included a controller in the box!


      1. I’m with Iceman. It didn’t surprised me to see these features guarded by the Xbox Live Golden gate. If something as basic as Netflix is behind a paywall then I expect Microsoft to lock up features that are more advanced.

      2. Playing games and watching TV do not require a connection now.

        I was surprised they put offline components behind a pay wall. This comment threading sucks. It’s cutting off my words and the text box is narrow.

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