Lady Gaga Naked For Kickstarter

The sexy, bold, brave, and eccentric Lady Gaga makes a naked cameo in a video to promote the Marina Abramovic Institute’s Kickstarter pitch. It’s some kind of artistic meditation method that purports to “heighten participants’ awareness of their physical and mental experience in the present moment.” To be completely honest, I didn’t read much about the method in the video’s description because…naked Lady Gaga! Besides, I don’t want to heighten my physical and mental awareness. That would only lead to depression. Ha!

Anyway, check out the NSFW for work video below. It features strangely soothing chanting and full-frontal Gaga. *sigh* When is she going to marry me so that I can legally change my name to Lord RaRa and take my blog to new heights by riding off of her coattails?

Source via The Verge

Author: RPadTV

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