How Long Will Alex Rodriguez Be Suspended For?

It should be a glorious day for fans of True Yankees™. Today is (supposedly) the day that Major League Baseball doles out suspensions for performance-enhancing drug use tied to the Biogenesis clinic. New York Yankees village idiot and third-baseman Alex Rodriguez should be getting more than the standard 50-game suspension. Estimates range from 150 games to a lifetime ban.

In addition to using PEDs supplied by Biogenesis, Rodriguez is (supposedly) getting extra punishment for interfering with MLB’s investigation and recruiting other players to the clinic.

One consistent rumor is that A-Fraud’s team is negotiating with MLB, but the two sides are far apart. Allegedly, commissioner Bud Selig wants A-Roid out of the game until the 2015 season, but the player’s camp believes that’s too harsh. Personally, I hope he gets banished to Neptune.

How long do you think Alex Rodriguez will be suspended for? What do you think is a fair punishment? Wouldn’t it be cool if the Yankees could trade Rodriguez to a Japanese team for several crates of ramen? Hopefully Selig’s ban-hammer is more powerful than Mjolnir!

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  1. He should have negotiated to settle for 80 million and scrap the rest. I would have.

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