Are You Ready For the Rise of Elizabeth Olsen?

In the Janty RY4 review I posted yesterday, I made an analogy using Elizabeth Olsen, comparing her to the least of the three e-liquids I covered in the story. As I was writing it, I was thinking, “You know, this probably won’t make sense in a year.” For the longest time, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Chase Olsen lived in the shadow of her famous sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley. It’s easy to understand why. A lot of you watched the Olsen twins in Full House and saw them become child celebrities. In recent years, the twins have been a staple for gossip rags (which are strangely fascinated by the alien-like appearances of these young women). I suspect that in a year’s time, Elizabeth will be the primary Olsen sister — at least in the nerd world.

Elizabeth Olsen is set to star in Oldboy and Godzilla. Those are two hugely important movies to the geek chic. I gotta feeling that these movies will take her fame to new heights. It’s entirely possible that these roles will catapult her to stardom and she’ll eclipse her sisters’ accomplishments. She’s already proven to be the most talented actress in the family (not hard, I know) and she’s arguably the most attractive Olsen sibling. With the help of the nerd elite, I believe that the rise of Elizabeth Olsen is imminent.

What do you guys and dolls think? Is Elizabeth Olsen set to take away the spotlight from Mary-Kate and Ashley?

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5 thoughts on “Are You Ready For the Rise of Elizabeth Olsen?”

  1. I don’t think she will be limited to the nerd world, she is an excellent actress. Silent House was a phenomenal first movie, along with Martha Marcy May Marlene and Liberal Arts. Sure Oldboy and Godzilla will make her well liked in the nerd-iverse, but she is talented enough that she will become/remain popular with the mass audience.

  2. Hmmm… so that’s what Mary-Kate/Ashley would look like if they weren’t anorexic/bulimic. Interesting.


      1. Done. Let me know what you think.

        Also remember that she is just eighteen… so no perv-y old man comments.


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