Neil Gaiman Gets Into Games in Wayward Manor

Fall is going to be an awesome season for Neil Gaiman fans. He’s returning to Sandman in Sandman: Overture and he has a game coming out. Wayward Manor is a serialized game being developed by Gaiman and The Odd Gentlemen. It will be available for Windows and Mac OS (and possibly more platforms). To fund the game, Gaiman and company have set up a Kickstarter-like page that allows you to pre-order the game and pay additional money for bonuses. The goodies include wallpapers, the soundtrack, an art book, naming a character in the game, and having dinner with Gaiman himself.

I could describe the game, but it’s better you hear it from Gaiman. Check out his description of Wayward Manor below:

While there have been several Kickstarter videogame projects that have failed to acquire funding, many successful ones were headed up by people or companies that are respected and beloved. As an author, Gaiman is both, so it’s a fairly safe bet that his fans will provide the funding that The Odd Gentlemen needs to launch the game.

What do you think of Wayward Manor? Are you excited for it? Will you fund the project? Do you think Gaiman’s reputation in the nerd world will lead to a successful funding campaign? Share your wayward thoughts in the comments section (please!).

Author: RPadTV