This Week’s Videogame Releases

The week before E3 is usually a dull one in terms of videogame releases. Still, there are few games that you should keep an eye on. Capcom’s Remember Me has been getting some buzz. This stealth-action game takes place in a futuristic version of Paris and uses some interesting sci-fi concepts. If you’ve missed out on Skyrim then you should consider picking up The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition, which has all the bells and whistles. Lastly, Marvel Heroes launches this week. As a comic-book nerd, I’m intrigued by this superhero MMO and wondering if any of you are interested in a spandex adventure (in the game, not in real life).

Any of you picking up new games this week?

Author: RPadTV

4 thoughts on “This Week’s Videogame Releases”

  1. I’m reading some really bad and mixed reviews for Remember Me.

    I do not think this bodes well for Capcom.


    1. The game has some rough edges, but it’s also one of the more interesting releases this year. Your enjoyment will depend on how much you value polish vs. originality.

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