Check Out The Sweethome

From the folks that created the excellent comes TheSweethome. If you’re not familiar with the former, it’s a simple and straightforward consumer electronics guide that helps people find the best products that meet their budget. TheSweethome works the same way, but the focus is on home goods. You’ll find detailed recommendation articles on the best laundry detergent, nail clippers, garden hose, toaster oven, electric razor, and more.

I’m a big fan of both sites because they bring readers quality information in an easy-to-follow way. They’re also fantastic examples of bloggers making it big. Both sites were started by former Gizmodo editor Brian Lam. It’s fantastic that he found a way to succeed with quality content without having to sell out to a giant publisher (though I’m certain a giant publisher will buy the sites one day).

When you have a chance, check out TheSweethome and let me know what you think (please).

Author: RPadTV