Today’s Poll: PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One Reveal

Round one is over! Sony kicked things off way back in February with its PlayStation 4 reveal. Like an old-school videogame featuring turn-based combat, Microsoft countered months later with its Xbox One press conference. Which company had the more impressive show? Kindly vote in today’s poll and sound off in the comments section!

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Author: RPadTV

4 thoughts on “Today’s Poll: PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One Reveal”

  1. I wonder what Apple has up its sleeves. Seems like Sony and Microsoft are offering upgrades of more of the same with better integration of cloud computing, etc.

  2. I chose PS4. Although they didnt show the console or price. They did show more of the “launch” games and emphasized gaming more where as MS is trying to get more of the gamer and “casual” gamer crowd.

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