Today’s Poll: Will Robin Stay Dead?

InĀ Batman Incorporated #8, Robin (Damian Wayne) was killed. Batman’s fourth sidekick (and biological son) took a heavy beating, including a sword through the heart and getting impaled by so many arrows that he looked like Robin the Boy Pincushion. You’d think he’s a goner, except…

…this isn’t the first time a Robin has died. Jason Todd (Robin II) was murdered by the Joker, yet he’s prancing around as Red Hood these days.

…Damian’s mom is Talia al Ghul. She has access to those nifty Lazarus Pits that have enabled her father to live for hundreds of years. In fact, she used one of them to bring Todd back to life, so of course she’d use one for her own flesh and blood, right?

Then again, this is Grant Morrison we’re talking about. He’s written some incredible comics over the years, but he’s also written lots of head-scratchers. Who knows what he’s thinking? More importantly, what are you thinking? Will Damian Wayne stay dead? Vote in the poll below and expand on your answer in the comments section (please!).

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On a side note, Robin being dead (even if it’s temporary) annoys me. While I enjoyed parts of the Batman “Death of the Family” story arc, I was disappointed that DC didn’t kill off any major characters. It made the whole event less powerful. Killing off Robin just after Death of the Family arc makes the Joker look like a knob. He spent months tormenting the Bat family and couldn’t kill one of them, yet here’s this new character making an impact by killing Robin. Oy.

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9 thoughts on “Today’s Poll: Will Robin Stay Dead?”

  1. U read Batman Inc!!!!! I tried that series last year before it got cancelled and re-booted for the New 52. As for Damian it’s obvious he will come back but how long who knows. I wouldnt be surprised if Morrison brings him back next issue.

    1. This is actually the first issue I’ve read. DC totally suckered me in with the whole Robin-will-die schtick. Aside from the “death,” I didn’t mind it. The issue had Nightwing and Red Robin, so I was happy.

  2. Gha! Why did you not give us a spoiler alert? See, this is why I don’t like DC. Every time I have a mild curiosity about a DC graphic novel or series, some verbal entertainer comes along and ruins it for me. :(=


    1. DC has been doing heavy PR with the Robin-is-dead angle and the cover of the books says R.I.P. (with the Robin logo for the R). I’m pretty sure I get a waiver from the spoiler alert rules.

      1. I gave him a pass because I haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on in this series and I still knew Damien died a few days ago.

      2. Exactly! DC has been hitting up mainstream newspapers, magazines, and web sites to spread news of this supposed “death.” I’m still not buying it. Mom will just throw him in a Lazarus Pit.

      3. That was my thought before the issue even hit shelves. I’ll be curious to see if there is a big sales increase for this issue, considering the hype, or if people will skip it thinking they already know the story.

      4. Well, it worked on me. I don’t read the series and I don’t think he’ll stay dead, but I wanted to see how Morrison set it up. I was entertained, especially by Damian’s exchange with Nightwing, but I also feel a bit suckered.

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