Bungie’s Destiny: The Straight Scoop

Bungie recently unveiled details on its upcoming MMO space-shooter Destiny. There are loads of previews out there full of hyperbolic preview-y text — so much so that several videogame journalists are having preview-event backlash. (I don’t want to get too into the issue. I believe that readers are thoughtful enough to figure things out on their own.) Thankfully, Gamasutra was at the Destiny event to provide a smart and balanced look at the game. I highly recommend reading the sage words of my former coworker and roommate Christian Nutt. Here’s the Cliffs Notes version:

  • Most of Bungie’s resources are being allocated to Destiny
  • The game is way, way early — Christian pointed out that the press didn’t receive screens or videos, only concept art
  • It’s an MMOFPS (Try pronouncing it. It’s almost as fun as duct tape.)
  • It’s for current and next-gen systems
  • It has several mobile and social features — An iOS app mockup was shown, while the social features of the game were heavily harped on

So please give Christian’s article a read when you get a chance. I believe it’s the best Destiny preview out there, even though it wasn’t written for consumers. After that, please let me know what you think about the game. Would you play an MMOFPS? Do you see yourself using the game’s iOS app? Do you think Destiny will reach Halo heights?


Author: RPadTV


One thought on “Bungie’s Destiny: The Straight Scoop”

  1. The fact that the console communities would be splintered hurts this game. It would do much better on the PC. Also the always on connection required will be a sticking point for some gamers.

    I’m not sure if I care for the example of the matchmaking given. I don’t want people openly joining my groups. This probably sounds odd for someone playing an mmo but I was the same way in WoW. Most mmo communities don’t just join up. I think that is limited to console communities. For example people just join my party or game on Live and either just wanna talk or get me to stop doing what I’m doing so we can play. I prefer the PC world

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