PlayStation 4 Dual Shock Controller Images Leak

A pair of images of what’s purported to be the PlayStation 4 Dual Shock controller have leaked. The one below is from Destructoid and the one above is from NeoGAF. Both images show a touch sensor between the d-pad and face buttons, a feature that has been rumored for several weeks. The Destructoid image looks more legit, as the controller can be seen in front of a development kit. The GAF image has the controller on a plain background, which has some people doubting it’s authenticity.

Other features include what appears to be a microphone grille and redesigned analog sticks. The former feature seemed inevitable, but I’m a bit wary of the latter. I’ve always loved the feel of Dual Shock controllers and I’m concerned that the new analog sticks could be a change for the worse. The sticks could also be the hotness, but it appears that they’ll feel more like Xbox 360 analogs than the classic Dual Shock analogs I prefer.

Sony Computer Entertainment is expected to reveal PlayStation 4 details on February 20, so it will only be a few days until these photos are proven to be legit or not. For now, let’s talk about the design. What do you think of the touch sensor? Do you see any interesting gameplay applications for it? How about the microphone? Are you excited or worried about the new analog sticks? Leave your PS4 Dual Shock thoughts in the comments section (please!).

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8 thoughts on “PlayStation 4 Dual Shock Controller Images Leak”

  1. Implementation is everything in my opinion. I have to see how they’re used before I get excited.

    The speaker thing might be annoying as hell.

  2. Yeah I’m not sure how they will be using that touchscreen surface but the microphone may be interesting. Depending on how good the mic is it should allow you to navigate through PSN like the kinect

  3. I think the dual shock has always been a horrible design. The sticks are too close together and the triggers are horrible. Now to add a touchpad in front of the already too cramped sticks just reeks of poor choice.

    tl;dr it looks bad.

  4. I have always loved the Dual Shock controller. I hate when they change things. I used to love the FAT Xbox controller….until they shrank it. The only controller I hated more was the Gamecube controller.

  5. I was half expecting them to come back with the boomerang design that they showed at the unveiling of the PS3 (see what I did there?) Maybe the world is now ready for boomerang technology.

    The Dualshock 2 was O.K., but I honestly think that the 360 controller is the epitome of great controller design. I love the responsive trigger buttons, the weight, size and feel of it better than any other controller I’ve ever had. Battery life is great and I’ve never had an issue with interference or lag.

    The only real problem is the atrocious D-pad. That thing is damn near unusable.

    Also, a convenient way to clean the dirt out of the crevices of the controller would also be nice.


  6. I find the PS brand of controllers to be least comfortable for extended play sessions. I hope the controller has more heft to it but I’m in the minority on this one I’m sure.

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