NAMM 2013: Bad Seed Titanium and Steel Guitars

Continuing my NAMM 2013 quest for traditional musical instruments made out of unusual materials, I interviewed Bad Seed Ltd. owner Sheldon Currington about his company’s titanium and aircraft-grade steel guitars. Bad Seed guitars use wooden necks and metal bodies, with a neck-through process that allows for killer sustain. I’ve tried a few metal electrics in the past and they had an artificial tonal quality. Bad Seed’s guitars have a more vibrant sound that’s also unique. In addition to a more natural sound, titanium is just a cool material.

You know how a lot of fantasy nerds believe that everyone in New Zealand is tied to The Lord of the Rings in some way? In Bad Seed’s case, that’s actually true. Currington worked on some special effects for The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies. One of the company’s guitars features control knobs and tuners that look like skulls. The skulls were designed by a person that worked on the miniatures for the films.

Currington also has a background making race cars and hot rods. Bad Seed combines his passion for metal working and music. So yeah, this guy makes cool guitars, worked on The Hobbit, and makes race cars. He’s pretty much the coolest person I’ve met in the last year…and makes me feel bad about making goofy videos and writing goofy articles.

Anyway, check out the video above. It’s a fun talk about some of the coolest electric guitars I saw at NAMM 2013.

Author: RPadTV