Superman Man of Steel Trailer #2

People are going gaga over the second trailer for Man of Steel. While I enjoyed it and was impressed, I also feel a bit let down from all the Facebook/Twitter hype. It’s definitely very good, but I was expecting an inner-fanboy implosion (and that didn’t happen). Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the trailer. Check it out and kindly share your thoughts in the comments section!

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19 thoughts on “Superman Man of Steel Trailer #2”

  1. I liked it. Can you explain what you didn’t like or was let down by?

    Personally I think it will be a good Superman movie….and you know my feelings about reboots like this.

    1. I liked it a lot too. There wasn’t anything I didn’t like, though more Zod would have been good. It’s just that a lot of people on Facebook/Twitter were making it out to be the best trailer ever created by man.

      1. It honestly reminded me of Wrath of the Lich King opening…which was pretty epic. So I can see how people really liked it. In fact I should go watch that cut scene and this trailer again to make sure the comparison is good.

  2. Between the Zac Snyder, David Goyer, and Nolan fans… There’s your Internet hype right there.

    I’m anxious to see the movie itself and want to reserve any personal judgements until then. That said… Cavill looks excellent for the role and I’m a fan of Amy Adams.

    1. I noticed the beard too and then later in the trailer without the beard. My question… is how the hell does Superman shave? I’ve seen 2 different methods in the past. One is he uses his own fingernails, and the other (which is cooler) is he takes a mirror and reflects his heat vision off of it to remove the super face fuzz.

      Both methods seem like cop outs to me. The laser thing is saying he has a weakness to extreme heat. I don’t think anyone thinks his heat vision is hotter than the sun, in which case, there would have been numerous times he flew back to Earth bald as Lex Luthor. The fingernail thing would leave these unbreakable shards that would not only destroy any sink, but once they reached the sewer system it would be hellacious to the ecosystem.

      I think Superman in reality would be the scruffy, hippie looking guy with unmanageable hair down to his ankles.

      1. How? I’m trying right now to look at my chin without a reflective surface and I assure you, it’s a very comical visual.

        Still, that raises alot of questions to not only his endurance to heat, but the radioactive effect he could be giving off. Sure, he saved your life today when you fell out of a helicopter… but now you have cancer just from being in contact with him.

      2. Dude, now you sound like my mom from when I was 5.

        So you’re saying that Superman also has super eye bulging powers? In all fairness, I asked “how?” at the start. I really did mean “exactly how did the panel in the comic show that?” Does the power that creates the heat vision inverse into his face instead of projecting out his eyes singeing his facial hair off at the root? As a lifelong fan of Superman… I really am puzzled by this one.

        And then there’s the other question of how biodegradable are his super trimmings? In Superman 4, they had a strand of his hair holding 1000 lb on display which Luthor and the dude from Two and a Half Men cut with bolt cutters. That scene alone raises alot of questions. I always figured they snipped the harness the hair was in, but assuming they cut the actual hair, that makes the Smallville town barber look like a badass.

        What all this is leading to is the real question that is now on all of our minds… GHM, Supergirl. If it’s anything other than Au’ Natural… then where the hell are THOSE panels in the comic?

      3. Your assumption is that Kryptonian eyes have the same shape and functionality of Earthling eyes. The easy comic-book writer copout is to say that Kryptonian eyes work differently.

      4. Okay… 1) Obviously Kryptonian eyes function and work differently than human eyes. In an entire thread where we’re discussing heat vision, I don’t understand how you’d read that I think they function the same. Not to mention the super sight thing and the seeing through stuff thing. I’m not an idiot.

        2) It’s a fair assumption that they are the same shape since in the comics, films, shows, cartoons, lunchboxes, etc… they look exactly the same. If we were talking about a literary character in a novel with no graphic depictions at all… I’d say fair point. But we’re talking about the biggest comic book icon ever whose chest monicker is one of the most recognized symbols in the world. We see Sups, that’s how it works.

        3) How exactly did the panels in the comic you referenced show this feat of super-shaving? In relating it too myself, I have a spot under my right ear at the corner of my jaw that I tend to miss when I shave with a regular razor. Unless Sups’ eyes pop out of his head… I don’t SEE (pun intended) how he would hit that spot by looking at it. If I could only shave with my eyes, I’d have an inverted Hitler. I’d be crazy fuzzy all over my face except on the part where Hitler had a moustache because if I pucker my lips, I can actually see that part. (Yes, I’ve taken this that far).

        4) Comic writer cop outs are possibly most common in Superman books as it is. DC never gave a damn about continuity until relatively recently so every author and artist were trying to “bring their thing” to the greatest hero in the world. His origin stories (plural intended) changed multiple times. My point is… him being able to shave at all is a cop out in itself.

  3. I’m kinda holding my excitement until I see the movie. Henry Cavill kinda looks like Tom Welling who played Clark in Smallville. Does anyone else see that or am I going through Smallville withdrawals??

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