This Week’s Videogame Releases

Any of you buy a Wii U? What games are you picking up for your new console? In addition to Nintendo’s major release, there are several games set to entertain you over Thanksgiving weekend. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a super-fun brawler that brings numerous iconic videogame characters together. Agent 47 makes his return in Hitman: Absolution. Fans of cartoon adventures will want to check out Rise of the Guardians, while those with a predilection for military games will want to check out History Legends of War: PattonDisney’s Epic Mickey 2 is now available for PlayStation 3 and Wii; the game is even more fun with this Mickey paintbrush or this Oswald clicker. Lastly, Seth MacFarlane fans will want to pick up Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse.

Any of you picking up new games this week?

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3 thoughts on “This Week’s Videogame Releases”

    1. Hey, let us (or me) know what you think about the Wii U. I’m mildly curious about it, but I was disappointed by the Wii’s lack of good games and the whole “waggling-for-everything” catch-all motion that made games annoying to play.

      I want to know if they have made improvements with their new console for both their games and hardware before I would even consider buying it.


      1. Initial thoughts:
        1. I like how the gamepad feels. It isn’t uncomfortable to use or use for long periods of time. The range is the only thing I wish were better on the gamepad. I can’t go to the back of my house and play on the gamepad. I need to be in the same room or the next room over. Also quite a few games support the Pro Controller. I don’t think Nintendo 1st party games will ever support Pro, but at least the 3rd parties are using it. No waggling in other words.

        2. The gamepad can be programmed in about 3 seconds to operate your tv which makes switching between the tv and controller very easy. Also allowed me to play mario and watch football. Very neat feature to act as a tv remote.

        3. The UI is a bit cumbersome but no more than what MS currently has on the 360. I found it resembled my 3DS more so than the Wii. I do find it odd that apps take time to load on a new “state of the art” machine. It seems absurd in the days of flash memory. In fact all loading times seem to long for a new machine.

        4. The hardware is fine. It’s definitely built to last. No LED in the disc tray though. Nothing functionally wrong with that, just different than the Wii. Really it’s built solid like the rest of N’s products…except the pesky disc reader in the GameCube.

        5. This ties in to 4 in a way, but the memory expansion is very consumer friendly. You can add your own memory via SD, USB stick, or AC powered USB HDD. Nintendo felt that tying memory into a profit model was absurd since the cost of memory drops everyday. So you can buy the 8gb model ( I did) and simply use another way to expand the memory if and when you need it. This is extremely consumer friendly for the consumer electronics market.

        6. You do not need to set up the sensor bar in order to use this machine. It is optional for games that use the Wii Mote or backwards compatibility. No waggling in other words.

        Will this be the new dreamcast? I don’t know. If so that means it will have really good games over the next 24 months before newer machines push it out. I’m very excited about playing a new Mario game that isn’t a side scroller and not having to waggle a Wii Mote during precision platforming. I loved Galaxy and Galaxy 2 but fully expect whatever new one comes out to really set the bar for platformers and first party software in general. The gamepad can easily by used by gamers who prefer the traditional controller input without any issues.

        *1 and 6 are redundant but important*

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