GI Joe: Retaliation International Trailer

Here’s the latest trailer forĀ GI Joe: Retaliation. I’m probably going to get a lot heat for this, but I really want to see this movie. Keep in mind that I think Channing Tatum completely sucks (and not in that charming, learning-disabled way like Paul Walker) and I’ve never been big on Bruce Willis. Despite those two factors, I’m convinced that this is going to be glorious in a big-stupid-fun fashion.

As many of you know, I decided long ago never to talk in anyone’s shadow that it was my pro-wrestling-mark duty to support every movie that Dwayne “The Johnson” appears in. The trailers indicate that Roadblock is a great role for him. While I’ve always been hot and cold on Bruce Willis, I prefer his more humorous roles. It looks like he’ll have a lot of zingers as GI Joe Colton. As a comic-book nerd, I’ve loved all the ninja-tastic stories about Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, and the Arashikage Clan. Ray Park (Snake Eyes) is always good for acrobatic action and I’m really rooting for Byung-Hun Lee (Storm Shadow) to attain some glory after giving up all those homeruns in the 2001 World Series (that was him, right?).

So yeah, despite loathing Channing Tatum and not liking Bruce Willis, I have a feeling thatĀ GI Joe: Retaliation is going to rock. Who’s with me?!?

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8 thoughts on “GI Joe: Retaliation International Trailer”

  1. For once, I would like to see Cobra win. Is that too much to ask for?

    Also, Channing Tatum isn’t that bad, he was pretty good in 21 jump street and absolutely nothing else.

    This movie will be predictable, implausible and gratuitous, other than that, it should be fantastic.

    Bruce Willis rules.

    1. Technically Cobra did win in the ” GI Joe: The rise of Cobra.” Cuz theyre the one that planted that fake US president thats in this trailer.

  2. I still Tatum’s character is getting killed. Im going to be upset if there still isnt a Duke in this movie.

    1. Duke can’t die right away, as he is supposed to be the eventual field leader of GI Joe. Although, technically, Flint, Hawk and even Falcon outrank him.

      1. Exactly my point but u dont see him any other parts of the trailer except the beginning when they all get “killed” in that ambush

  3. Why would you take any heat for wanting to see this movie. The first one was a perfectly serviceable popcorn summer action movie. I don’t understand why people keep ripping on it. Sure, it’s not the greatest movie in the world, but it was good for what it was. The plot made sense, and was focused. Most of the main characters had a purpose and suitable time on-screen. Sure, some characters could have been a little more developed, but this is G.I. Joe, so I didn’t have too high expectations to begin with. Also, the action sequences were competently executed, which is important in a movie like this. There are a lot worse movies out there that I wish would live up to the bar that G.I. Joe set like Green Lantern, X3, Transformers, and Steel.

    I would love to see Retaliation to see where they go with it. Don’t know if I will see it in theaters yet, but I will definitely watch it at home.


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