Bryan Singer to Direct X-Men: Days of Future Past

Marvel has announced that Bryan Singer will direct the upcoming mutant movie X-Men: Days of Future Past. (Presumably) based on one of the most popular storylines from the Chris Claremont eraDays of Future Past is a time-jumping tale that has the X-Men trying to prevent an alternate (and sucky) future where mutants are hunted by the government and placed in internment camps. X-Men fans should be delighted by the return of Singer; many felt that the movies he directed (X-Men and X2) were the best of the bunch. At the time of its release, many critics felt that X-Men was the best superhero movie to date.

The next few years should be busy for Marvel’s mutants. The Wolverine is set for a July 2013 release, while Days of Future Past is slated for July 2014. As a fan of the books, I’m really look forward to Singer’s take on the Claremont classic.

How about you? Are excited about Bryan Singer directing X-Men: Days of Future Past?


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8 thoughts on “Bryan Singer to Direct X-Men: Days of Future Past”

  1. Hey, I’m all for it, but not if they are going to kill off Iceman.

    Sony has to do something with the Marvel movie licence every few years anyway, right? This seems like a good enough story to visit. For future consideration, I would like to see the Pheonix saga, Age of Apocalypse, or the Legacy Virus get their own respective movie trilogies. Too bad they screwed up ALL of those concepts (together, no less) in X3.


      1. I just edited my original post and in doing so, making your response look terribly out of place. ha, ha!


        P.S.- Thanks.

  2. I wasnt a fan of the 1st x-men. I just want to see a bad ass gambit already! When is that going to happen!!

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