Donald Trump Rips A-Rod a New One

While I respect what Donald Trump has accomplished in business, I don’t think much of him as an entertainer or a politician. That’s why I was surprised to find myself so thoroughly entertained and delighted by his latest tirade — going off on New York Yankees third-baseman Alex Rodriguez. It was…glorious. The Donald told ESPN NY Radio:

I would terminate his contract, personally. I think George would’ve done that. I would terminate his contract on the basis that when he signed, he didn’t say that he took drugs.

Since he signed his contract, they found out that he took drugs. He actually admitted that he took drugs. Now he’s not taking drugs anymore, and without the drugs, he’s a less than average player.

I don’t think he’s an asset, I think he’s a liability to the Yankees They’re paying him $30 million a year, and he strikes out every time he comes up in a playoff game.

I don’t care about the Players’ Association. If somebody misrepresents and they’re paying him $30 million a year…I don’t think he has a clue when he’s standing up at the plate. I’ve never seen anything like it.

That was such an outstanding rant. I’m going read it over and over again throughout the day. It will help dull the pain of the Yankees’ post-season lameness, Derek Jeter’s injury, and the fact that A-Rod’s contract doesn’t expire until 2017.




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  1. That did make me chuckle. I like how blunt he was about drug use when everyone else still seems so uncomfortable about talking drugs and baseball. I’ve read this a few times now and it is still funny.

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