Cameron/Tyler Winklevoss to Play Batman?

Once upon a time (2007), Armie Hammer was set to play Batman in a Justice League movie. Unfortunately, that project died. The role was supposed to launch Hammer to stardom. Instead, he’d have to wait until The Social Network in which he impressed critics and fans alike as Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. After that blockbuster hit, praise for his work in Mirror, Mirror, and a starring role in The Lone Ranger, Hammer might get a second chance to play Batman. According to MovieHole:

The studio need a new guy to guard the cave now that Christian Bale has hung up the cowl. And with plans to reintroduce a younger take on the character in the upcoming “Justice League” movie, a draft of which has been completed by Will Beale, the studio has Hammer atop of their list of potentials. It’s really, when you think about it, a no-brainer. Thus, I wasn’t much surprised when informed this morning that he’s in with a good chance to play the part in the superhero tag-team movie.

It’s a win win, really. Hammer apparently wears the suit smartly, has already rehearsed for the gig before, but more so, is a much bigger star than he was three or four years ago.

Hammer is a big, strapping dude that has a naturally deep voice. He looks the part. He has played rich people and heroes. I think he can pull off Batman (without sounding like he has marbled in his mouth).

What do you think of the possibility of Armie Hammer playing Batman in the upcoming Justice League movie?


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8 thoughts on “Cameron/Tyler Winklevoss to Play Batman?”

  1. I don’t think it matters who plays who in the Justice League. It will come off as a “me too” like the PlayStation All-Stars Brawler is.

    I’ve never seen anything this guy has been in and I think changing the role of Batman so soon after the Nolan trilogy will be met with serious grief from fans.

    1. I’m surprised you didn’t see The Social Network. It’s very good.

      As for this being “so soon”, keep in mind that the script isn’t finished and filming hasn’t started. This movie isn’t coming out for a while.

      1. He’s actually portrayed as a dick. The writing is fun, if you’re into Sorkin stuff. The Trent Reznor score is sweet too.

  2. Was he one of the 3 harvard guys that sued zuck? Idk im very picky when it comes to batman. I’ll give him a shot and criticize him later.

    1. Technically, he was TWO of the FOUR Harvard guys that sued Zuck.

      The twins were both played by one guy… him.

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