Classic Videogame Hats

While sorting through all my junk that’s still at my parents’ house, I unearthed all sorts of videogame-related treasures. Here are a trio of caps that cracked me up. The first is a media hat from E3 1998. This was the last Atlanta E3 and I’m happy the show is no longer held there (fine city, but bad for a trade show). Next up is a 3dfx hat. Remember those guys?!? The company used to be one of the top names in PC graphics before crashing hard. I fondly remember slapping together an SLI setup with two Voodoo 2 graphics cards. Last, is a Jade Cocoon hat. This RPG was developed by Genki and published by Crave in America. It had a Pokemon-like aspect to it, which made it a bit different from other PlayStation RPGs.

Any of you happen to have old videogame hats around the house?


Author: RPadTV

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