Today’s Poll: Do You Use YouTube on Your Consoles?

Google recently announced the release of the official YouTube app for PlayStation 3. The Xbox 360 has had an official app for some time already. With some typical Nintendo Internet silliness, you can enjoy YouTube on the Wii too. Do any of you use YouTube on your home videogame consoles?

As for me, I never do. Between my computers, tablets, and phones, I have several options that offer better YouTube experiences. That said, I understand that my situation is unusual. Maybe lots of you use and enjoy watching YouTube videos on your consoles. Kindly vote in today’s poll and let me know what you think of YouTube for home consoles.

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Author: RPadTV

6 thoughts on “Today’s Poll: Do You Use YouTube on Your Consoles?”

  1. If I miss Red Vs Blue online, I will load up my Xbox 360 and catch up there. I also tend to watch many videos the UFC posts.

  2. My laptop works just fine for YouTube videos, and I would never be caught dead watching a video on my Wii unless my laptop were to, say, break into billions of tiny pieces, get sucked into a vacuum cleaner and be crushed into bits by a garbage compacter. Not that it has ever happened to me.

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