Today’s Poll: Sexy Green Women in Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Inspired by Marvel’s announcement of theĀ Guardians of the Galaxy movie, I wanted to pick your brain on a hugely important topic — sexy green women. Gamora, as you know, is the Guardian’s kick-ass martial-arts queen. She-Hulk sexily splits time between fighting bad guys and serving as an ace attorney. Yvonne Craig dazzled as Batgirl, but millions of nerds know her as a sexy green alien from the originalĀ Star Trek. Poison Ivy wears skimpy leaves and her passion for the environment is hot.

Which green fantasy/sci-fi babe do you like best? Kindly vote in today’s poll and discuss!

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  1. Where's the love for the Twi'lek girl that gets eaten by the Rancor? She's got a nip slip and everything one might expect to need to get on this list.

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