E3 2012: NBA Baller Beats Video Interview

One of my E3 2012 surprises was NBA Baller Beats. This unique music-rhythm game for Xbox 360 Kinect is controlled with a basketball. Some of my colleagues thought it was a clever title, while others thought it was a bit silly. Personally, I love the idea of a DDR-type game controlled with a basketball. Check out the video below to get more info on NBA Baller Beats¬†and see actual people playing it. When you’re done seeing the game in action, please let me know if this is something you’d be interested in playing.

Author: RPadTV


2 thoughts on “E3 2012: NBA Baller Beats Video Interview”

  1. This wasn't well thought out. Most people have carpet in their living rooms making it impossible to bounce a basketball and those who have hard wood floors won't bounce a basketball on it and mommy won't let the kids bounce a basketball in the house anyway. What kid has room in their bedroom to bounce a basketball even if mommy let them do it?

    1. The producer mentioned in the interview that the game will work with an inflatable ball if noise is an issue. I can't imagine that feeling good though.

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