E3 2012: Skylanders Giants Booth Tour

Here’s a quick run through of Activision’s booth for Skylanders Giants. The sequel to one of the most hugely successful games of 2011, this game brings bigger and badder toys to the mix. Meet some of the new Skylanders in this video booth tour.

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15 thoughts on “E3 2012: Skylanders Giants Booth Tour”

  1. Was working on my website, and my son saw the logo for Skylanders: Giants on the front page. I was hoping to avoid that. The first game has been a complete money sink in my house because we reward him for good behavior, doing his homework, cleaning his room, etc with a reward at the end of the week. Every week it's "Can I have a new Skylander?" Thus the scavenger hunt begins anew to find one he actually doesn't have yet.

      1. Yeah, I kinda wish I could. $10 a pop for these things. He's got all but 4. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, and now I realize it's a train.

      2. You are SO not giving me anything to look forward to.

        I think that in my house, I'm going to start treating video games like porn.


      3. Regardless of if the old toys don't work with the new game, could we still go hunting anyways? I would absolutly LOVE to join you!


      4. The cool thing about video games, is it gives you something to take away from them when their bad too.

  2. Watch: The one E3 video I was not in will be easily your most-viewed one. One scruffy guy with a mic cannot compete with a brightly colored marketing juggernaut.

      1. Glad somebody noticed. Nobody said peep about it at the show. And, as those in the know know, Bad Brains is the coolest band of all time.

      2. Only N8 would know something like that. I, on the other hand, am as musically adept as Hellen Keller.


  3. Well, if punk cred means anything to you, Bad Brains is atop the food chain in my opinion.
    Born out of the East Coast (DC area) hardcore scene in the late 70s/early 80s, Bad Brains was an all-black rock group whose set be a fury of mosh-worthy tracks. Then they'd slow it down with some Jah-loving reggae, which would have even the most leather-clad listener jamming along.

    Some huge Bad Brains fans include my kinda-hero Henry Rollins, who grew up in DC, and the Beastie Boys. Legend tells Beasties took that name because it was similar to Bad Brains. Also, MCA produced the latest Bad Brains album, which came out a couple years back.

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