What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This week has been somewhat stressful. I need to chill out. This is where thatgamecompany’s Journey comes in. It’s soothing and moody and atmospheric. I might have to throw some Flower in the mix too. In general, I don’t want to play anything new. I just want familiar and comforting games this weekend. Of course Civilization: Revolution for iPad will be in the mix.

How about you? What’s on your weekend playlist?

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7 thoughts on “What Are You Playing This Weekend?”

  1. I'm sticking with good-old Minecraft for now. I'm on a few new servers now and I'm having a great time doing it, so it'll take up my gaming time for a while. It's pretty great that I found a game I don't get bored of after playing a billion times. I wonder how many hours I've put into it?

    I did win a match on one Hunger Games server, and it might be up on Youtube in a few days. If it is, I'll post a link somewhere (probably here).

    PS: My laptop is officially fried. Either the fan was knocked out of place, or something fell into the fan. It bounced around a lot inside and the computer started smoking. I will be purchasing a new one, but I don't have any money for it yet. So for now, I might be on less than usual.

      1. I'm reasonably certain that it's irreparable. I was hoping I could fix it, but it was really breaking down and getting to be a hassle to deal with. Even if I could fix it, I'm not so sure I'd want to.

  2. I picked up Duke Nukem for $8 after tax, I'm enjoying the game so far and it's def not worth $60. Also I'm the mix will be LA Noire, RAGE, and Forza 4. Maybe a little of Ruse, Crysis or Earthworm Jim HD.

    1. I would have totally been down on the game if I paid $60 for it, but you just have to imagine that you are playing a retro game on a current system and the game gets immensely better.

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