David Hayter and Jennifer Hale Confirmed For Republique

Camouflaj has announced that David Hayter and Jennifer Hale will be reporting for voice-acting duty for its upcoming game (and hyped Kickstarter project) Republique. Camouflaj founder Ryan Payton worked with Hayter and Hale when he was at Kojima Studios working on the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Millions of gamers know Hayter as the voice of Metal Gear’s Solid Snake, while uber-geeks also know him as the writer of the X-Men and Watchmen movies. Hale is a veteran videogame voice actor known for providing the pipes for Samus Aran (Metroid), Commander Shepard (Mass Effect), numerous other BioWare games, and multiple roles in Metal Gear Solid titles.

Here are more details from Payton:

David will voice the role of the head revolutionary in the Orwellian world of République who authors much of the anti-Overseer propaganda that players come across in the game. It’s a character I wrote specifically with David in mind, as he’s not only very politically active but also an accomplished writer.

Jennifer will play the role of a villain character we’re simply calling The Mentor. I’m thrilled to work with Jennifer again, this time on a new character who will be a central antagonistic force for players. The Mentor is incredibly complex.

As of this writing, Camouflaj has obtained $167,127 of its $500,000 Kickstarter goal for Republique with eight days left to go. Hopefully this star-studded announcement will help the company reach its goal.

Any of you contribute to Republique? Does the involvement of big-name voice-actors like David Hayter and Jennifer Hale make you more likely to support a Kickstarter project?

Author: RPadTV