My New York Checklist

Hi all! Thanks for leaving comments while I’ve been in New York dealing with a sickness in the family. It’s been tough, but things are getting better. Also, I’m pretty sure that my knees have frozen off. It’s hard for me to deal with this kind of weather; not really sure how I grew up like this. A decade in California and a year in Thailand have definitely thinned out my blood.

Now for a random food rant! Here are some photos of some of the goodies I gobbled up with my brother, as well as a checklist of what we ate.

  • Pizza (three times) — It’s still mind boggling that 99.9 percent of the pizza places in California can’t come close to NY pizza.
  • Bagels (two times) — It’s not as bad as the pizza, but NY bagels make CA bagels look silly.
  • Dunkin’ Donutes (two times) — This is more of a nostalgia thing. I generally prefer mom-and-pop bakery donuts.
  • Black and White Cookie — Another thing that’s hard to find in California. It seems so simple, yet….
  • Hot-Open Turkey — I miss East Coast diners. The ones in CA are healthier, but the variety and portions aren’t the same.
  • Mozzarella Fries with Gravy — It’s almost like poutine, but without the curds. Another one of my diner favorites.
  • Hot Dog — Onions and sauerkraut, naturally.

My brother and I were planning to hit up White Castle, but didn’t get around to it. Sure, you can buy the frozen ones at the grocery, but it’s not the same. Also, the jalapeño cheeseburgers aren’t available frozen. I’ll regret not grabbing White Castle when I was so close to it, but pizza was clearly the most important foodstuff to get.

I’m actually writing this from JFK and have several hours before my flight. Regular posting will resume shortly. I missed you guys!

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    1. To be fair, part of it was my Mom telling my brother and I when to eat…which is more than we're used to. In general, I just have two cups of coffee for breakfast and eat two meals later in the day. There was definitely too much food going on this trip. Ha!

      1. Haha. I start with a protein shake or two boiled eggs and a banana. Then I go to downtown NOLA and typically my healthy habits are shot to hell lolSent from my iPhone 4

      2. My healthiest habit is not drinking (to excess) or smoking. All food is fair game at any time, even candy and other desserts. Ok, especially candy. Seriously I can't go too long without having some sort of candy. Also, fruit is best when it is either strawberries or kiwi and there is chocolate involved.

  1. Thanks for the well wishes. Apparently there's a place in LA that's run by guys that used to own a pizza parlor in the East Village. I will have to check that out.

      1. Yeah I am but Im not judging. Im just saying it looks intimidating based on the mozzarella cheese and gravy.

  2. i was born in Italy, and the pizza in New York destroys Italian pizza. There are many a place i'd like to go for the food…I really want to go to Pittsburgh to eat at Primanti Brothers. ( I have Chris Farley style heart attack on my bucket list) . Also, I'm a big rib lover, so i'd like to hit up Kansas City and Memphis as well. I've never been to Chicago, and id love to try that deep dish pizza and see what all the fuss is about.

    That guy on Man vs Food has the best job evar!!!

    1. I really wanted to be in on that production meeting where Adam Richman (or his agent) pitched the idea to producers for that TV show…

      Adam: "O.K. What we're going to do is go out all over the country and visit restaurants that have crazy food challenges. Then, I'm going to sit down and shovel my gluttonous face with food and you're going to film it."

      Producers: "Why, that's brilliant TV!! Sir, here is signed, blank check. Please feel free to write it out for any amount you see fit."


    2. Honestly, Primanti's isn't all that. The meat is pretty skimpy and cheap while the bread likes to fall apart on you. They are unique, and that's about it.

      There are a few different franchises now, but the real one is in the Strip District if you ever make it up there. That's the one. While you are in that neighborhood, you want to find a store called Eides. Totally worth it.

      @ anyone might have the misfortune of ending up in Pittsburgh for whatever reason

      You want to find Vincent's Pizzeria in Forest Hills PA while you are there.

    3. Definitely want to get ribs in KC and Memphis too. I wish Good Ol' JR still had a restaurant. That's the only reason I could have imagined flying to Oklahoma…though I suppose I'd be down for a Thunder game.

      1. I was at a Love's in OK when I saw a birdhouse with Dale Jr. and his number painted on it.

        So, I guess if you want a NASCAR birdhouse, that's another reason to visit OK.

        In Memphis, there's a place called Dyer's that has world famous cheeseburgers. The reason why, is because they opened in like 1913 and haven't changed the grease since. I have to get one before I die.

      2. When we were moving across the country, my wife and I stopped in Memphis specifically for the BBQ. I forget the name of the place we went, but it was really good.

        We made the mistake of then stopping in Arkansas to use a rest stop. Learn from our mistake. DO NOT STOP IN ARKANSAS!!!!

  3. Glad to hear things are getting better! I fully understand about east v west comfort food. I miss it.

      1. No discoveries yet, but they pride themselves on the locally grown beef, which I have to say is really good and fresh for the most part. I've had freshly killed beef and it tastes better than the grocers. All the" fresh" beef I've eaten out here actually tastes fresh. So yeah, the beef in CO is amazing!

      2. Did u kill it urself BB!! Oh wait what am I saying; you probably panicked and started looking for a trolley the moment they said "Finish Him!"

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