Your Reaction to Tim Tebow’s Touchdown to Demaryius Thomas

I caught a few of your reactions on Tim Tebow’s touchdown to Demaryius Thomas on Google+ Messenger last night. Now that you’ve had some time to think about it, I’d love to hear more of your thoughts. Initially, I thought it was a Twitter joke. Then I saw the replay. Wow. It was an amazing play, but what’s even more amazing is how much it added to Tebow being the most polarizing athlete in America today.

Sure, it’s only January but I’m certain that this will go down as one of the biggest “Holy sh*t!!!” moments in sports this year. Agree? Disagree? Give it a watch again (embedded below) and let me know (please)!

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66 thoughts on “Your Reaction to Tim Tebow’s Touchdown to Demaryius Thomas”

    1. Tough break, but look on the bright side; if the Steelers were to play like that against The Pats, it would have been embarrassing.

      Admit it though, the entire Steeler nation grossly underestimated the Broncos (because of Tebow or not) and thought that they were a joke. That second-to-last drive by Ben was great though. I could just imagine you (and others) at home, nervous as hell, and then going "Tom Cruise" on the couch when they scored that last touchdown.


    2. My wife(a Pittsburgh native) literally got up, walked over to the TV and turned it off. She could have just used the remote, but I think she was so pissed that she needed to physically get up and do it to show her disdain.

  1. Happy for the guy. He catches a lot of shit for being unorthodox and for not hiding his faith. I don't think they'll win in NE this week, but then again they weren't supposed to beat Pitt either.

    (this is the same as my Saints losing to Seattle last year I suppose. Quite sad)

    1. I'm really looking forward to the Saints-Packers game. I hope it does not disappoint. Not having a dog in the fight makes it all the more enjoyable.


      1. I'm looking to borrow a cheese grater for this Sunday. Please ship care of the NY Giants to:

        1265 Lombardi Avenue
        Green Bay, Wisconsin

        Thanks. I'll get it back to you on Monday.

      2. I would actually like to see you using a big cheese grater on some unsuspecting Packer's fan's foam hat without them knowing it on TV. While you are doing this, I imagine someone (like your wife) holding a plate of spaghetti underneath.


  2. They barely beat a broken down Steelers team. That shit was luck and execution. They had a 20-6 lead at the half only for the Steelers to make it a tie game and not get a shot for a rebuttal in OT. I've had to watch every Broncos game this year, and I can say that Tebow has improved with every game, but he is still garbage. The Steelers lost that game due to dropped passes. No excuses just facts.

    Now here is the kicker, everyone out here thinks the Broncos are going to beat the Patriots because they just knocked off the Steelers. As mentioned before the Steelers were busted up and beaten down before they started the game and they almost made a comeback for a win. The illogical logic in Denver is that they have already played the Pats and now they know what to expect, true, but they also got blown out by a team with rookie wide recovers playing in the secondary, The Pats are as healthy as they been all year and they have been COMPLETELY dominating the second half of most of their wins, and they have there veterans back. Nevermind their post season home record!

    Another mute point they try to make out here is that the Pats pass defense is second to last and the Steelers had the #1 pass defense. Again, while all this is true, the two best teams have the two worst passing defenses. And Tebow is NOT A PASSING QB!!!

    I put all that info and more to them after the game and said with all that Info I KNOW you don't think the Broncos can beat Greenbay, why on Earth do you think they can beat the Pats after we already whooped that ass with a beat down defense?

      1. I've been thinking the Saints will make it the superbowl for a while now. They have been tearing it up, and even though I'm still not happy with them for beating my Colts in the superbowl, I like seeing Drew Brees do well.

    1. Although it seems highly unlikely the Broncos will win (or even be competitive, for that matter), remember that they are playing with a huge chip on their shoulder and they won last night because they were underestimated and written off. I hope Brady & Co. do not make the same mistake.

      One thing I promise you is that Tebow is studying the tape of the game he played against New England like a mad man. I really believe that he is going to be more prepared this time around. The only thing I don't know is how well either team can adapt, although The Pats have a very good history of adaptation.


      1. Seriously? I'm hoping Brady & Co. do make the same mistake!! (sorry Big Blak)

        I think Tebow will be more prepared, and especially if the Patriots underestimate the Broncos like they did the Bills early in the season, the Broncos won't necessarily be blown out. Also, the Patriots defense hasn't really been showing up to play this season, and even a Pats fan can't really deny that. It is very out of character for them, but they are lacking in this area so far. I'm seeing more of a battle of special teams and offenses than defenses coming this weekend.

      2. No one underestimated anyone. The Bills won with a fg in the last 20 seconds or so of the game, and that was coming off of the lockout. We have all seen what has happened to the Bills and Pats since then.

        Again, have you not seen the last 5 Pats games? The D is ranked last but we have a guy on the team tied for most interceptions in the league, and NO ONE MAKES BETTER ADJUSTMENTS than the Pats. 4 starters on the D were missing the last time we played the Broncos and look how that game turned out. You can't watch film on guys who didn't play!

        Honestly I'm getting sick of hearing the Pats defense sucks, on paper the PASSING D sucks, but they do have Brady, so it doesn't matter. The Pats score at least 35 points a game and they hold most teams to about 23 points if not less. Same thing can be said about the Packers, and the Saints, but no one is talking shit about their defensive numbers.

      3. LOL….everyone talks shit about the Packers defensive numbers. But they also lead the NFL in takeaways and INT's. Mind you, two games against the Vikings will help those numbers a lot.

        The question with regard to both of these teams is, "What happens when an either elite QB plays them, or an elite defense shuts them down?" There might not be an elite QB left in the AFC other than Brady, but the 3 teams left can all play defense. Packers have no one left to face but teams with either elite QB's (Manning & Brees) or an elite defense (49ers). Either way, we'll find out now how much of a liability both of those defenses really are. I can see either team getting beat by any of the teams that are left.

      4. I told you the Broncos would get smoked, although I didn't think they were going to get beat THAT bad. Belichick has a hard time losing to inferior teams, and it seems that the Broncos only get divine intervention on Sundays.

        I wonder if Mr. Padilla is happy that the 49ers won. Nightshade and Big Blak are the only ones here that have a dog in the fight now.


      5. Up 10 at the half on the Packers. That might be the high water mark of this season the way the Packers can put points on the board. But I'm feeling pretty good right now.

      6. Congrats on the win. All you guys have to do now is beat the 49ers and the Big Blak-Nightshade trash talking can begin.

        The way they played today; I don't think they'll have a problem breezing by San Francisco. That is, if the same Giants that played today shows up next week. It would be interesting to see Pats vs. Giants Part 2 (The Wrath of Belichick)

        Good luck!


      7. Thanks man. I'm super stoked. I thought they could win. I didn't think they'd win walking away like that.

        I'd be lying if I didn't say I wanted a rematch with the Ravens more. They jobbed us pretty good in the Super Bowl back in 2000. And the Ravens talk like it's a forgone conclusion that they're the best team each and every year only to go out like chumps in the playoffs, so let's see them actually prove it for a change.

        But I'm not looking ahead. San Fran's a tough team. Vernon Davis is a tough match up for the Giants LBs, and Frank Gore can run the rock. So I'm not getting ahead of myself here.

      8. You've just given me a reason to cheer on the 49ers. Frank Gore graduated from the University of Miami. He was actually two years behind my graduating class. I remember him tearing it up in college. Also, the linebacker Tavares Gooden is also on the 49ers and went to UM.

        Who do the Giants have? … Oh, yeah, Kenny Philips and Antrel Rolle.

        Huh. Tough call.


  3. Huh? There was a second game yesterday? I'm sorry, all I saw was some "dirty birds" getting beat down by my G-Men. Where's RRoD to kick around when I need him?

    Seriously, the Tebow is a tough kid to not like. You'd see him all fired up on the sidelines yesterday and you'd just want to pull for him.

  4. So I was wearing my Eli Manning jersey today when a guy came up to me at the grocery store and asked if I thought Peyton Manning would be back with the Colts next year.

    Let me make this clear: I don't care.

      1. I'd argue they need a QB and the DBs. Romo sucks. He's no better than Matt Ryan. They have far too many studs on offense to let it go to waste. I think a great offense helps a avg to below D out.

        I just want Romo out of the league I guess.

      2. I think they need more help at Offensive line. I watched about 5 or 6 Dallas games this year, and it seemed like Romo never had a ton of time in the pocket. I'm not convinced that he doesn't have it in him to win the big one with a little more help. But the Cowboys get killed for "underachieving" all the time, and it's about time people actually look at the roster and see that outside of the offensive skill positions and a couple of guys on defense, there's not a whole lot there. You need 53 guys to win in the NFL, not 6-11 of them and a bunch of filler.

      3. Hey! I'll take either Romo or Ryan over [*insert name of any Dolphin QB over the past 10 years here*] any day!


      4. Matt Ryan is a nice QB. Did you see Osi Umenyora basically reach over the left tackle to sack Ryan, in effect tackling them both? I look at yesterday's game as an indictment of the Falcons offensive line more so than Ryan. Rocky Benard's been missing in action from the moment the Giants signed him from the Shehawks, and even he was getting pressure on Ryan last night.

      5. Matt Ryan is avg at best. He completed 24 passes for 199 yards. That is just another game in which captain checkdown refuses to throw it down the field.

        I'd take Flacco or Dalton over Ryan.

      6. I'd take Ryan over Flacco, but I think both guys are generally overrated by the media. Flacco gets the benefit of having that Raven's defense there to keep the score low enough that he can be average and still win.

        I've only seen Dalton play once this year (Saturday), but the guy's such a ginger that his hair is a perfect match for the Bengals Helmets.

  5. The Patriots just hired former Denver Head Coach Josh McDaniels in the middle of the playoffs.

    So if the Patriots win this weekend, does Josh McDaniels get 30 pieces of silver for betraying Tim Tebow?

    1. That's only about $900 in today's market (even though I think silver is drastically undervalued), so I'm thinking that they would probably pay him a bit more than that. Kudos on the Judas reference.

      I would have thought that someone would have made a "Brady-stringing-Tebow-up-on-the-crux-of-the-goal-post-with-his-arms-outstreached" joke by now.


      1. Well, technically I think it was 40 pieces of silver, but the football savior for a single city doesn't match up to savior of the entire human race, even if you account for 2000 years of inflation.

    2. They hired former Pats offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels, who happened to land that gig in Denver before being exposed as not head coach material. And he gets no silver because he never believed in Tebow, just Orton lol.

  6. That was an amazing game last night that just solidifies what I've said before about how exciting it is to watch the Broncos in the final few minutes/overtime of a game. It was great to see Big Ben fighting back on the second-to-last drive that tied the game. The momentum swinging back and forth made for a great show. I think everyone's jaw collectively dropped on the first/last play of overtime. I really couldn't believe it, but then I remember thinking- "Oh, yeah I can; it's Tebow."

    Also, as I've said before- those who underestimate the Broncos (which is super easy to do) will risk losing to them. This is because they suck on paper. Their receiving corps suck, the quarterback is inconsistent at best, and the defense is schizophrenic. This team winning defies logic and reason. For whatever they lack in skill and talent, they make up for with sheer determination and heart. Sometimes it's not enough to win games, but so far it's only that (mixed with special teams and luck) that have gotten them this far into the playoffs even after losing four of their first five games with a different (arguably better) QB.

    On the down side, I was really hoping for a N8-Big Blak (Steelers-Patriots) showdown and the trash talking that would have surely ensued. Thanks for ruining for me, Tebow (again).


    1. You're preaching to the choir. If you want to put an end to the BCS bowl system, you have to get rid of the corruption. To do that, you have to level out the flow of money to the schools and not the bowl committees. To do that, you'll have to go to the advertising partners and sponsors and convince them (collectively) to change the system or withdraw their support. Short of that, you're looking at either a HUGE public backlash in the form of a collective boycott or the tired-and-true method of government regulation.

      Pick your poison.


  7. Im a bills fan, I have no opinion of playoff football…It's like trying to tell an Iraqi war veteran your opinion of the situation on the ground, having never served.

    1. I did indeed. The whole thing is messy. It's clear that Pacquiao's promoter, Bob Arum, doesn't want the fight because he thinks his guy will lose (and lose earning power). I've never thought that Pacquiao could beat Mayweather. His chances are growing slimmer each year. Mayweather is older, but Pacquiao has had more professional fights.

  8. Here are the reasons IMO why the Pats will not underestimate or lose to the Broncos:

    Last season they blew out the Jets to secure 1st place only to lose in the 1st round, by the Jets, two or three weeks later. Kraft will have heads if it happens again.

    They are not going out like the Steelers. They showed the whole NFL what happens when you underestimate an underdog. The Steelers clearly only prepared for the run and Tebow showed the whole world that he can throw really far.
    Advantage: Any team that doesn't want to go out like Pittsburg.

    The Broncos play their best in the 4th quarter, the Pats play their best in the second half, you better believe they will be ready.

    The Broncos beat a team that the Pats lost to, Brady is sure to have that in the back of his mind.

    Tebow and Co. have Jesus who, depending on your stance, may or may not have been a real person. Brady and Co. have Jesus and the death of an awesome woman Myra Kraft to play for.
    Intangibles imo swing in the Pats favor.

    Go ahead I'm ready to defend my reasoning.

      1. No, my team is not in the playoffs, but you will still never hear the end of it if the Broncos beat The Pats. The Dolphins lost a regular-season game to the Broncos in the last 5 minutes of the game quite embarrassingly, however, losing a playoff game to an inferior team you guys already beat during the regular season would be way worse.

        That said; I'm giving the Broncos a 5% chance of winning (for divine intervention). I dislike Tebow simply because he's a Gator (something that any UM fan can relate to), yet you can't deny the guy is fun to watch in the fourth quarter/overtime. I also dislike The Pats equally as much since I am a Dol-fan and New England is a division rival, yet I can't deny that Brady & Co. have exceptional talent and are a Super Bowl-caliber team.

        I'm calling NE by 17 between these two *$&#@! teams.


      1. I didn't know this about Tom Coughlin:

        That's some dedication.

        Good luck this weekend, but I predicted the Saints and the Packers at the NFC title game and I have to stand by that. If I'm wrong, though, I'd love to see all the Smartguy-Nightshade trash talking that will surely ensue. After all, Tebow screwed me out of any (more) entertainment from Big Blak and N8.


      2. Trust me. Fully focused my friend. Just stating the outcome if things go both our ways this week :P

      3. Tough break man. I didn't think the 49ers had it in them. That home-field advantage thing really seems to work. For what it's worth, I thought the Saints would have made it to the NFC title game at least, but you guys had an awesome year, so can take some comfort in that.

        The game was insane those last three minutes. I feel for New Orleans fans going through an emotional roller coaster at the end there. I hope you didn't throw any blunt objects through your T.V.


      4. Not likely. Williams is going to St. Louis. Besides, I'm sure the 'Fins can (and will) find someone much, much worse.


      5. Are you pulling for the Broncos because you're hoping for the Giants to play a cupcake team in the Super Bowl? If so, I believe you are dreaming.

        To prove me wrong and become a millionaire at the same time- go to Vegas and put $100 on a New York/Denver Super Bowl and have NY beat the spread.


      6. Just dropped $300 in a pain injection in my neck, do no Vegas for me.

        Ultimately, I just do not like the Patriots. And while I think the whole "Tebow" thing has been grossly overplayed, I can't get past the fact that they're playing the Patriots and I hate them.,

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