What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I’m going to spend the weekend packing for two trips (Las Vegas and New York) and getting ready for CES 2012. I’m sure I’ll fit in a few games of Civlization Revolution¬†for iPad, but aside from that I plan on playing…nothing! Instead, I’ll live vicariously through you. So how about it? What’s on your weekend playlist?

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7 thoughts on “What Are You Playing This Weekend?”

  1. Bastion. I got in on sale a few weeks ago on XBL. I think I can finish that game and complete it this weekend. It seems short enough. After that, it's either Sims 3 or Portal 2.

    I'm still trying to score Halo Anniversary ($30 on Amazon) and Gears 3. Unfortunately, I have to take care of some stuff around the house first and taxes are coming up soon, so I have to save up money… also: diapers.


    1. how much was bastion? I wanted to check that out but didn't realize it had gone on sale at any time?

      Let me know if you start Portal 2, I can start playing again if you ever want to do any of the multiplayer.

  2. I can't remember if Bastion was 400 or 800 points, but I know I got it for half off. It was one of the "12 days of Christmas" (or 12 days until New Year's) sales where they had a new sale per day for the last twelve days of 2011. It was actually the very first day deal. I'm pretty sure that it's still there if you go to the "Sales & Specials" box under the games tab. Just look for the "12 days of [whatever]" holiday sales.

    I have to give first dibs to my wife for Portal 2. I promised her we would play local co-op together, so I'm not about to piss her off by cheating on her with you



    1. Haha fair enough. Well I know I might need some help getting through some co-op parts then if you want to play. I know one of the achievements is for completing the fourth round of levels with neither partner dying once, and I'm not about to try and find a random online partner to get that achievement with. That would be too much of a headache. In the meantime I still need to get a couple single player achievements I have simply been putting off for no reason.

      I will have to look for Bastion soon then. It was available through the Chrome web store for free, but my computer can't handle running that game, and I am not completely positive it is the same as the XBL version.

  3. @N8;

    I told this to our company lawyer who is also a huge Steelers fan: "If Pittsburgh loses to Denver, you will never hear the end of it."

    Just to be safe, you should pray before the game starts… preferably on one knee with your head down and your right hand closed and touching your forehead.

    Feel free to send in a picture of that.


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