Thanks For Playing!

Thanks to everyone that played (or chatted while the rest of us played) Scrabble and Uno on Xbox Live last night. As per my 2012 gaming resolution, I want to make sure we do these Invitational play sessions regularly. In a few weeks I’d like to give the PS3 a go and play some poker on PlayStation Home as per RPadholic N8R’s suggestion. I also want to hear about any suggestions you have for games. Let’s try to keep things to downloadable titles so that nobody has to go to a game store to participate.

Please leave your game suggestions for future PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Invitationals in the comments section!

Author: RPadTV

12 thoughts on “Thanks For Playing!”

      1. I have tetris splash, is there another tetris on XBL? Up to 6 people can play in that game though.

  1. I guess I missed out on the Scrabble, but I'm kind of glad I did since Uno is a game I can actually beat people at.

    Future suggestions: Halo (any). I'm pretty sure everyone here with an Xbox has at least one Halo game. Getting together for a real multi-player event on a great custom map I found would be the bomb! (literally; muah, ha, ha, ha!) Realistically, however, I guess a more casual game like Castle Crashers or TMNT would be better suited for those who are less competitive.


    1. I haven't played TMNT, but if I recall it sounded fun before. I'd also be up for Halo if I had that right now, but I won't again until I get Halo CE: Anniversary Edition.

      This could be an excuse for me to pick up a cheap(er) game need be, and pretty much anything on XBL sounds good to me. I will have to look through a list of mp XBL games to be more specific though.

    2. I've always been a big fan of infection and I have a digital copy of Reach laying around if anyone wants it.

    1. Heh. For starters, they put F*#&ng Dazzler in there instead of me! Hello? Seriously. What developer says: "Hey, we got Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine, Colossus, and Nightcrawler in this game, but we need one more. Who else should we put in? How about Dazzler? She's cool, right? And her mutant powers are totally not lame at all." That alone deserves my disdain for the game. When you were a kid and someone asked you what superpower would you have if you could only have one, I'm pretty damn sure that shooting sparklers from your fingertips wasn't on anybody's list.

      Second; it's really short.

      Third; we've already beat it together and went through it multiple times.


  2. I recommend Castlevania: HD and Lost Planet 2.

    Also, My PSN id is Sandrock323. I'm never on unless gamefly sends me something to play on it. All my multiplayer is done on Live or Steam.

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