The Best Videogame Commercial of 2011

Here’s my favorite videogame commercial of 2011. Surprisingly, it does not star Kevin Butler. I’m a huge fan of the ads starring Sony’s fictitious vice president, but the “Michael” spot outdoes them all. It’s just awesome to see so many different characters from so many different games hanging out in the same room. Worlds collide…and it’s awesome.

Consider this a warm up for next week’s Coffee Talk┬ácolumns when I’ll be asking you about your favorite game, videogame graphics, electronics, etc. of 2011. For now, please let know what your favorite videogame commercial of 2011 was and embed it in the comments section if you have a chance.

Author: RPadTV

3 thoughts on “The Best Videogame Commercial of 2011”

  1. Theyve been showing this commercial a lot and it's still my fave. It's funny that u included a still shot of Nathan drake and lightning talking that's my fave scene. I take it Nathan trying to pick her up with one of his crazy adventures.

  2. I enjoy the Kevin Butler ads because they are funny, I'm jut not sure how effective they really are. Most of the time, the game's gameplay is hardly featured. It's just a funny guy in a dress shirt being funny, which doesn't do much to actually sell me on the game.

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