The Latest Dark Knight Rises Trailer is…(Fill in the Blank)

Here’s the latest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. Loads of my friends are raving about it, but it doesn’t do much for me. I don’t think it’s bad at all, but I’m not blown away like some of my friends are. Also, I hate Bane’s mask. I mostly dislike Bane’s entire outfit. Surprisingly, I’m mostly unmoved by the trailer.

How about you? How do you feel about the new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises?

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13 thoughts on “The Latest Dark Knight Rises Trailer is…(Fill in the Blank)”

  1. Yeah this trailer left me kinda meh too. i'm hoping the epilogue is better. I'm watching MI4 tomorrow and will share my thoughts on it.

    1. I like Jeremy Renner, but I'm still not buying him as a leading man. Rumor is that he'll be taking over the MI franchise from Cruise. Renner is cool, but he's not handsome enough. He's disconcertingly normal looking.

  2. Maybe this'll cheer you up then:

    Apparently, there's a good chance that Batman will die in this movie. Well, Batman or Bruce Wayne. To quote M. Night Shyamalan, "What a twist!"

    Hear me out on this one. First of all, this director also directed "The Prestige" and "Inception"; both had twist (?) endings. At the end of the trailer, the quote says "The Legend Ends". This is the last movie of a Batman trilogy. Bane is back to break some (don't excuse the pun, I meant it). In "The Prestige", the characters said that the third part of any act was "The Prestige", or the moment that you shock and amaze the audience. Bruce Wayne has gone on a psychological downturn since the start of the trilogy. The director also killed Two-Face in the last movie, so he's not afraid to kill off major characters.

    So far, there's a lot of circumstantial evidence saying that yes, there'll be a major plot twist and yes, it is entirely possible that Batman could die. If Bane does what Bane does best, then Batman could very well be finished this time around.

  3. I'm not as familiar with the character of Bane, but none of the villains seemed to have the same flair that Scarecrow or Joker had. I expected more of the villains this time around, especially Catwoman- this trailer didn't give me the sassy vibe that I expect of Catwoman.

    I wouldn't be shocked by a big twist at the end of this movie, especially considering the argument provided by Lunias, but also because this series of Batman movies has been much darker than others from the start. What better way to end this series than by making it as dark as possible by killing the main character.

    This trailer seemed like it was counting on people paying attention to it based purely on the success of the other movies thus far in the series and the overall hype of Christopher Nolan's Batman. It makes sense, why reveal plot points in a trailer that will attract a ton of attention anyways. This leaves future trailers open to eventually showing more of the story and keeping people's attention all the way up to the premier.

    @Lunias I actually didn't like that he killed of Two-Face in the last movie. Aaron Eckhart is a great actor and I think he could have done great things with that character given more screen time.

    1. I agree with that last point, bsukenyan. Two-Face was a very fun character, and indeed Mr. Eckhart seems to be perfect for that role. But still, it was enough of an unexpected twist that it makes anything Mr. Nolan wants to do conceivably possible. My guess is that the only reasons he had for killing off the White Knight was for the surprise and to make his audience realize he is in control.

  4. There were a few scenes in that trailer that I was like "wow", but I really wish I had not seen it, because I hate it when the trailers show too much and ruin the genuine surprise when you watch the movie for the first time.


  5. We'll see. I have never cared too much for Catwoman in any Batman movie or stand alone. She seems so tacked on for just the hell of having a woman in a cat suit.

    I'm fine with Bane.

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