Are You Concerned About Carrier IQ Privacy Issues?

Trevor Eckhart recently posted an alarming video and some scary results on Carrier IQ. The software is found on millions of phones and is used by three out of the four major American mobile carriers. According to Eckhart, Carrier IQ can track a crazy amount of information, including individual keystrokes. The company, of course, denies that the program presents a security risk. While the amount of information and what’s being done with it is still being debated, the bottom line is that carriers and phone makers do not provide a way for customers to opt out of the tracking.

While Carrier IQ is potentially evil, I don’t believe carriers and phone manufacturers are using it for malicious purposes. That would be suicidal. Any company caught compromising or selling information gathered by Carrier IQ would be sued to high heaven (is there a low heaven?) and would become a pariah. That said, I believe there’s a risk there. What if your phone is lost or stolen? Would a hacker be able to extract tons of information through Carrier IQ? If you’ve entered credit card or password information on your phone, would Carrier IQ present a backdoor for hackers to access it?

There’s a lot of misinformation floating around and a lot of information that has yet to be confirmed on Carrier IQ. Personally, I’m alarmed by the whole thing. Fortunately, I plan on switching to a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon in the near future. The phone and the carrier do not use Carrier IQ.

Are you concerned about Carrier IQ privacy issues?

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3 thoughts on “Are You Concerned About Carrier IQ Privacy Issues?”

  1. I was because I do communicate some unscrupulous information via text. BUT my Infuse 4G doesn't have carrier IQ on it. It seems odd that it isn't on my phone because AT&T claims to use it on their devices.
    I am running stock software too.

  2. If the app is to believed the G2x doesn't have this thing installed in it. I hope it was right.

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