Meet the Capitol One Visa PlayStation Card

Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced details on the PlayStation Card — a Visa credit card by Capitol One. The card earns points that can be used “for PlayStation games, accessories, and PlayStation Network content — along with other great products from Sony”.  It offers some nice bonuses for gamers that frequently buy PlayStation games and Sony electronics. Here’s the rundown:

  • 10X points on all PlayStation Network purchases
  • 3X points on all PlayStation and Sony purchases at Sony stores and
  • 3X points at quick service restaurants, at movie theaters, and on your mobile phone bill
  • 1X points on all other purchases

Any of you going to apply for the PlayStation Card?


Author: RPadTV

5 thoughts on “Meet the Capitol One Visa PlayStation Card”

  1. No because I haven't purchase anything for my ps3 in a long time. Wait.. Maybe if They have a HDD for my pe3 from the sony store

    1. Points are a credit card company’s form of a reward program. Points that credit card companies give you for using their credit card are accumulated in your account and can be redeemed for any number of goods and services. Commonly, points are applied to frequent flyer miles that allow people to fly free (if they have enough points). Most credit card companies have a list of goods and services you can purchase with your accumulated points on their website in the form of an online store.

      Think of it as a grown-up version of Chuck-E-Cheese. When you were a kid, you played games for tickets and then you used those tickets to buy crappy stuff at their in-house store. The same principle applies to points that credit card companies give out. You use the credit card and depending what you purchased and how much; you'll get a certain number of points. You can then use those points to buy stuff at their store or receive certain perks and/or discounts on stuff.

      This particular card mentioned above gives you bonus points if you use it to buy Sony stuff among other things.


  2. Wait a minute here….Capital One….as in the bank that'll give any college kid a c/c, teaming up with the Playstation? Yeah, can't possibly see that as being a problem creator.

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