Warner Bros. Pulling Harry Potter Movies on December 29

Are you a fan of the Harry Potter movies? Well you better snatch them up while you can, because it looks like they’re going to be hard to find in 2012 (in disc format, anyway). According to Deadline Hollywood, Warner Bros. will stop shipping the Harry Potter movies on December 29, 2011. Check it out:

Harry Potter, the #1 motion picture franchise of all time, will soon disappear from shelves, as Warner Bros. stops shipping all Harry Potter theatrical film titles (including Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2, and Harry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection) as of December 29, 2011 (moratorium does not include digital — Electronic Sell-Through & VOD — or games).

This reminds me of the crap Disney used to pull in the VHS days when it would sell movies for a limited time and keep them off of store shelves for years. Artificially creating rarity in the days of tapes worked. In the digital age…not so much. I really don’t get this move. It seems like Warners is leaving money on the table and pushing people towards piracy. Perhaps the company wants to emphasize digital sales, but there are still lots of people that want movies on discs, particularly consumers that want the highest quality picture and sound. I’m sure there are some customers that will be all, “Eff you Warners. No Harry Potter on Blu-ray? Imma download the sumbitch!”

Perhaps I’m missing something here, but does this move make any sense to you at all? I don’t get it. Help me understand why Warners is pulling Harry Potter movies on December 29 (please!). Also this:


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12 thoughts on “Warner Bros. Pulling Harry Potter Movies on December 29”

  1. Antiquated models still in use.

    Will there be a BD box for Christmas? I need it for a present. Otherwise I'll gift something else and download the sum bitch.

  2. Crap! That sucks even more! Best buy's daily deal was HP blu ray yesterday! Year 1-7 part 1 was $25! I really snoozed cuz I was thinking I'd be able to pick it up cheap once the hype dies down.

    1. You just don't like WB because their game division put out the new Mortal Kombat.

      If they wouldn't have done that, you wouldn't be in the mess you've been in.

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        "62-7!!??? Quick, sign JP Losman. Let's see Indy do worse than that!"

      2. No, actually, it went like this:

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  3. I don't really understand this move either, just like I don't understand Disney only releasing their movies for a short period of time and then pulling them from the shelves (Nightmare Before Christmas was another one that pissed me off).

    I already have half of the movies downloaded anyways, just haven't gotten the others because I've been lazy about it. 700mb-1gb size files are pretty good quality for the most part in my experience.

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