Coffee Talk #394: What’s the Most You’ve Spent on a Game?

Remember when you’d buy a game at a store and that was the end of your spending? DLC, online fees like Xbox Live, monthly MMO subscriptions, item packs, etc. have made gaming more expensive than ever. I’m curious…

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Remember when you’d buy a game at a store and that was the end of your spending? DLC, online fees like Xbox Live, monthly MMO subscriptions, item packs, etc. have made gaming more expensive than ever. I’m curious to learn what game you’ve spent the most money on. Was it an MMO that kept you addicted for years? Was it an action game with consistently great DLC maps? I want to know!

As for me, it’s probably Dragon Age. In addition to buying the game, I’ve purchased all the playable DLC and an expansion pack. That’s more than $100 on a single game! I understand that the economics of gaming are different and BioWare has provided me with dozens of hours of entertainment, but damn! It just feels expensive when you add it all up (no regrets though, I heart BioWare).

So what’s the most you’ve spent on a single game? Kindly share the title and the estimated dollar amount. Was it money well spent? Or does looking through the retroscope give you buyer’s remose?

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  1. Technically for me it is Street Fighter 4. I spent $20 on DLC, $60 for the game, and $250 for the TE SF4 Fight Stick.

    Borderlands would be the most I spent on a game itself. Will all the DLC and the game disc I'm pretty sure I spent close to, or right over $100.

    I use the fight stick for more than just fighting games. Not only does it work with MK and Soul Caliber, I also use it to play XBLA games to give me that classic feel.

  2. Easily Cartel Wars on my iPhone. I've dropped between $300 and $500 before I even really realized it.

    And then there's casino video poker (does that count)?

  3. This is easy: Halo 3 Legendary Edition. I dropped $130 on that plastic helmet holder. I don't regret it, per se, since I was "single" at the time with about 90% disposable income so I had the money to burn, but I haven't done anything like that since then. And frankly, I seriously doubt that I will ever spend over $100 on a game ever again (less hyper inflation kicks in). I'll buy a limited edition of a game I really would like, but I think around $70 is as far as I'm willing to go… and it really has to include some good stuff (like Hasley's journal in the Halo Reach special edition… which I bought).

    The problem is that a few weeks after release, the price for the special editions drop pretty fast. It kind of sucked seeing the Halo 3 Legendary edition being sold for about $70 at retail stores a couple of months after the game released. Yes, I know I got to play the game sooner, but is that really worth $60? That kind of cash can buy you a brand new game… just for being patient.


  4. @ Off topic

    When is Apple going to make a car stereo? I've had my ups and downs with FM transmitters and CD's are ancient. Why can't my car stereo be on a 3G network and all my music on the cloud? Why do I have to decrease a separate battery to hear my music while I drive?

    Locking it to a GPS and tracking the 3G account would be a decent theft prevention technique too, right?

    1. I hope Kocklick sends you a nice fruit basket or at least a courtesy reach-around at the end of the year.


  5. Well technically I spent $400 to get Halo: Reach, but I also got an Xbox s special edition, two controllers, and a headset along with the game. Other than that I've only spent $60 on a game at most.

  6. I think I've probably spent at least $500 or so on WOW, including subscription fees and expansion packs. But then again, sold that account for like $1500 so does that still count?

  7. Got five calls about the Michael Arrington situation at AOL. Not sure why people want my opinion on this. Think I'll write some random thoughts on AOL killing great editorial.

  8. Right now cod black ops. Ive got the first two map packs but as far as limited or special editions thats a no.

  9. I have never spent money on DLC before; not ever. This would change if Nintendo understood how online stuff worked, but they don't. As it is, the game I've got the most DLC for is Dissidia 012, and all of it was free. I might get some song packs or something eventually.

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