Watch the CM Punk vs. Kevin Nash Confrontation on Raw

It was interesting to see CM Punk confront Kevin Nash on last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw. For those of you that aren’t up on the current storyline, Punk defeated John Cena on Sunday to retain the WWE Championship. Out of nowhere, Kevin Nash hit the ring and gave Punk a jackknife powerbomb. This opened the door for Alberto Del Rio to cash in his Money-in-the-Bank title shot to win the WWE Championship.

Punk was excellent last night, just as he’s been for the last few months. I was surprised that Nash was so flat. He’s usually great on the stick, but seemed a bit uncomfortable last night. It made me wonder if he got too used to the crowds at TNA (only a few hundred people) and forgot what it was like to work the mic in front of thousands.

The storyline is also…interesting. It looks like WWE is going with a , “Who done it?” plot. Nash got a text message from Triple H to pull a schmoz. I’m guessing that the message was sent from Hunter’s phone, but was sent by someone else. Stephanie McMahon is the obvious choice since she obviously has access to her husband’s phone. John Laurinaitis is another possibility. Either way my writing in the last two SmackDown vs. Raw games was much better. Ha!

Let me know what you think of CM Punk, Kevin Nash, and this current storyline when you have a chance. Who do you think sent the text message to Big Daddy Cool?

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3 thoughts on “Watch the CM Punk vs. Kevin Nash Confrontation on Raw”

  1. I think Nash was getting irritated at the crowd shouting "What" every time he took a breath. I think that was the discomfort emanating from Big Daddy Cool.

    I would also think that alot of people still blame him for the fall of WCW. His contract was ridiculous and him taking advantage of that was one of the key factors in the fall. I'd wager that if Goldberg was still undefeated… WCW would still be here.

    And to answer the question… my money is on Del Rio sending the text. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

    1. The "What?!?" chant definitely threw him off, but I expect a guy that has been wrestling for 21 years and has excelled on the mic to be able to roll with the punches. He got better as he started screaming. Maybe he should just yell instead of trying to emote.

      I also think it's funny that Vince makes him dye his hair. Nash has stated several times that he wants to portray a "Silver Fox" character and be up front about his age. Vince ain't having that.

      1. You'd think he could roll with the punches… but I think he's a self-righteous asshole. You hear him all the time talk about what he's done for the business but you never once hear him give props to guys like Stone Cold, Bruno Sammartino, Gorgeous George, or any of the other hundreds of legends that also revolutionized the business.

        This is a guy that wouldn't give Chris Jericho or Eddie Guerrero the time of day when he had the chance. I'm sure the fact that people are still chanting Stone Cold chants and not Wolfpac chants really gets to him

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