This Week’s Videogame Releases

Looking for a funky puzzle-platformer with lots of half-naked men and women? Of course you are! That’s why you’re excited for the release of Catherine. If you’re longing for classic gaming on your Nintendo 3DS then Pac-Man and Galaga Dimensions will do you right. Normally I don’t include DLC in this weekly, but Dragon Age II Legacy is too awesome not to mention. I’m going to play the hell out of it this week. BioWare rules!

Any of you picking up new games this week?

Author: RPadTV

7 thoughts on “This Week’s Videogame Releases”

  1. I started in on the demo of Catherine and it was just dumb. I played all of 3 seconds of it and listened to the horrific story and dialogue for the the other 20 minutes.

  2. Nothing for me right now, although now I know not to look into Catherine. I saw that title name somewhere but had no info on it. The title sounded intriguing, but now I don't have to waste my time.

  3. I beat the Legacy DLC for Dragon Age II with each of my 4 characters (It's basically all I did to unwind after flying in from CT early Saturday morning) and then started a 5th playthrough of DA II since the DLC got me in the mood. I thought it was really good. Far better than anything put out as DLC for Origins.

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