Coffee Talk #346: Gaming While You’re Sick

Yesterday it was 90 degrees in Los Angeles…and I spent most of the day under a blanket. It absolutely sucked to be sick and weak on such a beautiful day, but I think I made the best of it…

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Yesterday it was 90 degrees in Los Angeles…and I spent most of the day under a blanket. It absolutely sucked to be sick and weak on such a beautiful day, but I think I made the best of it. My gaming habits are a little different when I’m sick. I like to dumb it down a bit and stick to games that I can play blindfolded. I spent most of of my couch time playing Civilization Revolution and doing random battles in Final Fantasy III. I watched some motion comics and WWE documentaries. While I didn’t get to enjoy the beautiful day, it was as good a sick day as I could have imagined.

What kind of games do you play when you’re sick? Are your sick games different than your regular games? How about other nerd activities like movies, comics, and TV? What kind of media to you devour on your sick days?

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  1. I get so damn stubborn when I'm sick. I tend to try and pretend I'm not by doing the normal things. Currently I'm feeling pretty ill and today I woke up at 6am and did cardio for 20 minutes then made breakfast I couldn't eat. Once the sun was up and I felt it appropriate I went and cut the grass which really made my sinuses feel wonderful given my current ailment.

    Gaming? Hmm…I'm in a funk right now. I don't have anything to play. I'd like to get something cheap with a good story. Ideas?


    Wow. I really want to replace my iMac now. Mine just turned a year old last Wednesday though. The new processors and gpu would be a nice upgrade. What the hell do I do with my current iMac? The screen is too pretty to just relegate to closet floor real estate.

      1. This really is a much better idea than the selling it idea.

        Maybe even sell it to on a fair, reasonable, trustworthy payment plan.

      2. I'm fairly certain a nominal donation fee would be negotiable. At this point it would be a pure luxury buy though. I have to get a few things in order before I walk into the Apple Store and ask for a $2200 computer again lol.

        Maybe later this year.

    1. Yeah, I had plenty of suggestions for games, but then you ruined my long list when you said "good story".



    1. That's a cool promotion you are doing. I'd enter, but I don't play it anymore :(

      1. Yeah, we're pretty excited that Activision's PR people were willing to help us out as it's a win/win for both parties.

  2. I try to play mindless games but sometimes I play a story heavy game to take my mind off the sickness. I usually watch anime when I'm sick too, I don't know why though haha.

  3. The same game I've been playing since before I got sick or whatever is next on my normal list.

    It really makes no difference to me. However, I tend to steer away from the verbal communication of online games when I'm stuffed up.

      1. Thanks! I should rest more, but I don't want to miss the Thor screening tonight. I might skip the Darkness II party after. Also my dad is in town. Also also, my Xperia Play just arrived — it's pretty, but the plastic feels cheap and the processor feels slow compared to the dual-core magic that is Tegra 2.

      2. Theraflu (the Alka Seltzer type stuff), Sudafed (the real stuff which is increasingly harder to get in CA now), and some Tylenol has gotten me through MANY shows.

        Add some DayQuil to the mix… and you're REALLY set. If you can't get real Sudafed, definitely substitute with DayQuil.

        And still force the water… if it's flu-like stuff. If it's stomach stuff… it can be tricky. The best stuff I found for nausea and other stomach stuff you'll need a special recommendation for it in this state.

  4. I don't know why, but lots of noise and games helps me take my mind off my being sick. Now, I won't move around much, so the main thing that changes is that my PS2, PSP and laptop take over where my Wii would usually dominate. Playing extremely long matches of FIFA 11, grinding my Dissidia characters, and Fancy Pants-ing it up are all sick hobbies of mine. Sick not meaning twisted; I don't tell those to anybody.

    1. I get the noise thing. When I was growing up, my mom's backyard was about 15 yards long until it hit a chain link fence. About 5 yards from that fence, was Interstate 376 and we were about 7 miles east of the city of Pittsburgh. I'm talking cars and loud ass trucks 24/7 for 365 days a year (except when the snow was terrible, I remember one blizzard where I actually made a snow angel in the middle of the highway). You get used to the sound fairly quickly to the point where it becomes like white noise.

      Now, having grown up there, it's really hard for me to sleep with silence. This may be a reason why I never liked camping.

      I've also been playing in rock bands since I was 13. Noise is a huge part of my existence when I think about it..

      1. WTF are you talking about?! I went camping only one time in my life and I couldn't sleep in that friggin' tent because of all the deafening noises coming from outside the tent. There were crickets chirping, owls hooting, little critters scampering, bears mating, wolves howling, coyotes howling as well, insects buzzing, frogs croaking, and people sodomizing loudly in the tent next to mine. Apparently, they wanted Jason to decapitate them with a machete.


        P.S.- I sent you a message on XBL. I need to know when you’d be down for some DR2.

      2. Camping is so much fun. I don't know what you are talking about, it is so quiet when you are camping, although time of the year can be a big factor in that. I'm actually thinking of going camping for a couple days sometime soon, just grab what I can carry with me (hatchet, backpack, matches or my zippo, socks, a shirt, and maybe a backpack) and go somewhere with my dog. It would be really nice to just get away from everything for a little while after these past couple of weeks, I'm just not sure where exactly I can go. There are places I would love to do this at, they are just quite a ways away.

        Camping is such a peaceful thing to do.

      3. Gha! It's horrible. No electricity, no microwaveable bagel bites, no shower, and I have to sleep on a mattress of rocks.

        You want peaceful; learn to fly. Now that's peaceful. Well, it is until you fly into a flock of birds, anyway. But after the adrenaline wears off and if you still have an engine working, then it becomes peaceful again.


      4. I think I'll just stick to fishing and then going home to a nice air conditioned house afterward.

      5. I'm thinking a large group of people armed with paintball guns on a weekend-long camping trip/game.

      6. If you are sleeping on a bed of rocks then you are doing it wrong. I have never been uncomfortable like that, you just have to know how to pick a camping spot and where to put your tent or sleeping bag. As for the microwavable bagel bites—food hand cooked over a fire always tastes better. The no electricity and shower isn't a big deal either, just go swimming and use a battery operated flashlight. Anything else than needs electricity doesn't belong on a camping trip for me.

  5. I think when I'm sick I play more handheld games and watch more netflix than play console games. Halo is a little too high intensity for me at that point. But even if I feel like playing a console game, it's not so much the actual playing of the game that wears me out or that I don't like—rather it's getting up to switch game discs or grab my mike. Those are the little things that annoying me when I am sick.


    With it being so nice there it reminded me of a day I was sick a long time ago on a family vacation. We were on lake Michigan in about 100 degree weather on the hot sand in the sun with no shade and I was so sick I was laying there under a jean jacket shivering. That was not fun at all!

  6. Yeah, I tend to agree with the sentiment that I dumb down my gaming when I’m not feeling well.

  7. Oh yea, dumb it down to the max. I even go as far as watching Maury on a sick day.

      1. Hey… at least you know who the daddies are and aren't and who's a man and who's a woman.

  8. my father always said laughter was the best medicene, which is probably why several of us died of tuberculosis

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