Weird Al Gets Approval From Lady Gaga

Musical parody genius “Weird” Al Yankovic has gotten approval to poke fun at Lady Gaga after seemingly being spurned by the pop star. It turns out that Gaga’s manager was giving Yankovic the runaround. The manager told Yankovic that Lady Gaga did not approve of the parody “Perform This Way”, which is based on the hit “Born This Way” (which is clearly a Madonna rip-off). According to E!, the manager has confessed to never playing the song for Lada Gaga. After the parody went viral on YouTube, Gaga heard the song and loved it. “Weird” Al now has her approval and “Perform This Way” will be the lead single on his upcoming album.

The lessons here are the managers are scum and that “Weird” Al rules!!!


Author: RPadTV