Coffee Talk #296: Where Do You Buy Your Music?

Google is holding a press conference today and one of the strong rumors is that it will finally reveal more details on Google Music. The company’s music service will differ from Amazon’s MP3 store and Apple iTunes in that…

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Google is holding a press conference today and one of the strong rumors is that it will finally reveal more details on Google Music. The company’s music service will differ from Amazon’s MP3 store and Apple iTunes in that it will store music on the cloud. Last year at Google I/O, the company showed some cool functionality that allowed you to stream music from your desktop to your phone; this could be part of the rumored service too.

The rumor made me wonder about your music purchasing habits? Where do you buy your music from? Do you still buy physical CDs from a store? Do you buy mostly through iTunes or Amazon (and really, you should buy all your MP3s from Amazon, *snicker*). Perhaps you don’t “buy” music at all and resort to…Captain Jack Sparrow behavior. Kindly take today’s Coffee Talk poll and let me know (please)!

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22 thoughts on “Coffee Talk #296: Where Do You Buy Your Music?”

  1. It depends.

    If Captain Jack has what I'm looking for, I'll hit him up first. However, I have such rare and eclectic tastes (Joe Tex FTW) that it's not always easy to find a booted version of what I'm looking for.

    So my next stop is typically iTunes. But, if I think I can get a physical CD off Amazon cheaper, I'll check them out.

    Whenever I'm in Hollywood, I check out Amoeba Records as well.

    1. I'll use Captain Jack if it's just 1 or 2 songs that I want but when an artist releases a good album then I will support them and buy it.

      1. Unless it's independently produced, your actually supporting the label more than the artist.

        To support an artist, the best way is to go to a show and buy merchandise (shirts, hats, posters, stickers, etc.)

      1. Yeah, I've used them a few times, it's just more complicated.

        For Mac, it made me download an app just for Amazon MP3's. But in the long run, if I get the music I'm after and the shakes go away, I'm fine.

        It has things iTunes doesn't and vice versa. However, there have been quite a few things I've looked for that aren't available for MP3 download. Some of them you can only find on vinyl. I love me some B-sides.

      2. @rpad

        what do you think of the amazon including video streaming service with its (Optimus) Prime service? Also, if we use your link to buy mp3s you get credit for it too?

  2. Guys, check out this Resistance 3 gameplay!


    I still buy CDs because I mainly listen to music in my truck where I have a CD player. I don't like MP3 players in cars because you have to take your eyes off the road too much to find music like texting. I can still transfer my CDs to my MP3 formats too.

  3. Jack Sparrow if I can't buy what I want.

    Otherwise iTunes. I have purchased 3 albums in as many weeks. I think you can see them on Ping.

    Cloud streaming sounds nice and all but ATT sucks and the service would have a bad impression if you relied on them. Not too mention butting up against your cap streaming YOUR music.

  4. @RROD
    My truck takes over my mp3 player if I let it and then I can switch tracks using normal stereo controls on the deck or wheel.

  5. I got stuff from iTunes before, and I've even shopped at a physical store. But I prefer purchasing everything through rapidshare. It's much cheaper that way!

  6. the pirate way be the way for me, unless i can't find them which does happen at times because of my love for Spanish Rock and other Spanish artists.

      1. @rpad

        no way. I think Bradley is an overachiever and Alexander is okay; the fight never interested me to even torrent it.

      2. haha. I was actually thinking of him as a african american jimmy neutron but MegaMind works better.

  7. Yeah, I think I've bought a whopping 3 CD's in my lifetime along with a handful of stuff from iTunes. I rarely buy music and am content with internet and local radio (which has more recently let me down). I am also just signed up with Last FM, so I'm checking that out now.

    All my other music is Davy Jones'd, not because I'm cheap, but because I'm pretty lazy. I have like over $75 worth of iTunes gift cards and I never use them for some reason. It just seems like too much hassle to recognize a song I like, find out who sings it and what the name of the song is, then memorize it and write it down, then go find a gift card and sit down in front of my computer and input the code, then find the song, then buy the song, then hook up my iPhone to the laptop, then… ugh! I’m getting frustrated just thinking about it.


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