Coffee Talk #286: What Was the Last Game You Loved?

Confession: I did not love a game in 2010. There were loads of games I enjoyed and really liked. Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy XIII, and Pokemon SoulSilver certainly entertained me…but they didn’t made me feel “the love”. When I say love, I’m…

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Confession: I did not love a game in 2010. There were loads of games I enjoyed and really liked. Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy XIII, and Pokemon SoulSilver certainly entertained me…but they didn’t made me feel “the love”. When I say love, I’m talking about games that just floor you to the point where you’re just so incredibly grateful that you’re a gamer — games that make you reaffirm your love for this hobby and feel blessed that you can enjoy this remarkable form of entertainment.

I don’t think I’ve “loved” a game since Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. How about you? What was the last game you loved?

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      1. So do I. If they're going to have a "closer in waiting," they should make him wait it out rather than give him an escape hatch. That being said, having somebody who has closed before as your setup man is a good idea.

  1. Uncharted 2. Everything about it was a blast, and I couldn't wait to see the next area or how the story was going to play out.

    Since then there have been a lot of let downs.

  2. It is either CoD4 or Oblivion. Both games are beyond great in their own rights and no games since then have been able to recapture the essence of what made them great. Also, I can't pick one over the other because of how different they are from one another. The games that make you feel super special are rare and always have been. Lucky for me, Skyrim has finally been announced ^^

  3. God of War III for me. I have always been intrigued by Greek Mythology and I love the way the use it in the GOW series. That Kronos boss battle was the best boss battle I've played in years, possibly ever.


    I love CM Punk but I not buying him leading the Nexus. Every Nexus member look like they could mop the floor with his puny little body so why would anyone take orders from a scrawny little man like CM Punk. I don't care how good he is on the mic he is just not convincing as the leader of Nexus to me.

      1. I do have the Vince syndrome. It just doesn't look convincing to me seeing whoever that big guy was answering to a little man like Punk. That should be the other way around. Also, the SES were a couple of jobbers. All Nexus members have potential.

      2. Did you have a problem with Diesel answering to HBK? There are countless examples are large henchmen following bosses that are smarter. Did you buy into Batista?

      3. 1. HBK was not puny like Punk. 2. HBK was the top draw, the main event, and the show stopper, 3 things Punk will never be. Batista answered to Devon first and then HHH who are both far from puny and HHH being a top draw. I also didn't buy into big Zeke answering to Kendrick. Punk should lay off the tatoo parlors and start visiting the gym.

      4. After Shawn stopped taking steroids, he was smaller than Punk. I was asking about Batista because he's a big…asthmatic. I don't know why you'd believe he could beat anyone.

        Your thoughts on Punk and Miz are SO amusing. Its great!

      5. Sure, but I understand that it's staged. In a "real" fight, I'd put anyone with good cardio over Batista. Have him chase you for three minutes, wait for him to gas, and take care of him.

      6. We all know it's staged but at the same time you want to have SOME believability. Know one sees Batista's asthma problem but they see a 6'6" 300lb man being cleanly beaten by a 4'10" 150lb man and that is just not believable. If Batista was shown sucking on an inhaler then his asthma problem could be taken into account. The believability factor is disappearing in wrestling today especially when no ones gets up from the Cobra.

      7. So people believe that asthmatics can "fight"? Uh…okay. I'm still amused that you're so caught up with size. Did you think Margarito could beat Pacquiao?

        Did you not notice that Batista matches required rest holds for when he gassed?

        You're adding an unnecessary layer of logic to the mix and it's not even good logic. There are so many other factors involved in a "real" fight other than size. Personally, I don't even know why you're thinking about it that way.

      8. I'm not a boxing fan and I've never heard of Margarito but I do know that there are different weight classes in boxing for a reason. Do you honestly think the feather weight champ could beat the heavy weight champ?

        Even Morrison and Daniel Bryan had a few rest holds last night. Everyone gets gassed in the ring.

        I'm all old school wrestling fan, size has always mattered.

      9. I'm an asthmatic and I can fight. Just don't ask me to go nonstop for 30 minutes……

        Seriously, Batista's asthma is a serious problem for a wrestler to have. And it does effect is work rate. As such, it's absolutely reasonable that a smaller guy like Mysterio (who is my size 5'6 200, not 4'10 150) can beat him. In fact, if smaller guys could never beat up a bigger guys, I'd have gotten my ass kicked on a regular basis in High School. I got in one fight with a kid 4 inched taller and 50lbs heavier and I beat the living crap out of him. Fact of the matter is, once you chop down one guy who's bigger than you, everyone leaves you alone smaller or not. (It helps if you cackle maniacally for effect…..)

      10. I like CM Punk as a leader of Nexus. It's classic heel stable guidelines to me. "Less talented" wrestler with good mic skills convinces muscle to help him win the title and keep it. CM Punk has been growing on me a lot these past year. I am now proud to recognize him as a Chicago native.

      11. That's the sure sign that someone is NOT a champion. If you can't be believed to win it on your own then you are NOT a champion. Take the Miz for example, he's not convincing enough so they have to keep Alex Riley with him at all times in order for it to look like he has a chance to beat the top guys with 2 on 1 odds. Great mic skills alone don't make you a champion.

      12. True tokz, but that was to draw more heat. DX leaders HBK and HHH, NWO leader Hogan, Evolution leader HHH, and the 4 Horseman leader Flair were all top draws and all won world titles and didn't need help to be convincing. Those stable angles were just for more heat. All of these guys are Hall of Famers hands down. There's a difference in building a stable for heat and giving a guy help who needs it because he in not convincing enough to win on his own. Big difference.

      13. RROD, in a way you're right about the leaders of the factions not needing their stable to win the belts but i think you're missing the point about heels. They are doing their job especially on you. They have convinced you that they are unworthy of the belt and that you should boo them. This is why i love the job the Miz and CM Punk have been doing as heels. There aren't many heels that i like in the business right now. These guys are doing a great job taking over for Jericho, HHH, Flair and Randy Orton.

      14. I think Punk and Miz are great talents on the mic but they are not championship material. Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio are the real heels who have all the credentials to be world champs and notice that neither need to keep help around them to be convincing.

      15. So, Del Rio;s personal ring announcer who interferes in his matches isn't "keeping help around to keep him convincing?"

      16. Come on now. That's not what I'm saying. I hate Hogan but he was the top draw of his day so he deserved it. True, he only knew four moves but those four moves got the crowd going.

    1. Frankly, I love CM Punk as the new leader of the Nexus, but I've got a great idea of what they can do with this to truly make this storyline work. I thought Punk was really working as the 3rd man in the announce team, because he kinda filled the role of the neither face nor heel. He really tacked more to the gray area between. And Punk's known for his mindgames. So I think they could run this angle in a way where he slowly destroys the Nexus from within by screwing with them all, and then claims credit for being able to do with his brain what John Cena couldn't do by force….destroy the Nexus.

      1. I actually liked him on the announce team because he called wrestling moves. He had a great moment where Cole was talking about someone's unorthodox foreign style during a really banal move. Punk responded with, "That's an arm drag! People do arm drags in America!"

      2. Yeah, I think that's why I really liked Taz in that role as well. He knew what he was talking about and knew how to communicate to the audience what he was seeing rather than just yell "Puppies!!!" every time a female wrestler walked out.

  4. Anyone that has a PS3 & the PS Eye should try out the demo for Kung Fu Live.

    The camera watch you and removes all of the background image. You picture is then superimposes onto the background set (I was in an alley). Then you fight guys by running around your room punching and kicking. It is pretty cool to see it. I know it is a bit gimmicky and y'all don't care for motion controls but it is what I always wanted. To be IN a video game.

    1. I'm not interested in motion controls but you just convinced me to at least try the demo.

      1. Sweet. Be sure you do at least 1 backflip. (Not a real one. You arch your back and put your arms up and back and they take your image and make it do a somersault)

        Jump Kicks work well. I recorded myself playing last night and everyone I have showed it to was very impressed with it.

  5. I loved Uncharted 2 even though i haven't finished it. it hooked me but i was so looking forward to GOD of War 3 and FF13 to buy it and finish it.

  6. I was actually going to embed this video in the post. I have to support!

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    1. One more thing Ray, how do you feel about Ziggler getting a title shot at the Rumble? Miz and Punk has to keep people around them to help them win but Ziggler needs to keep a mouth piece for him because he's terrible on the mic. When and where will it stop?

      1. I have no problem with that. I've been really impressed with Ziggler in the ring for a few years now. He's getting better on the mic, unlike Morrison who has shown no signs of improvement.

      2. I don't get you. You hold different standards for different people. You knock guys like Cena for not being good in the ring but give the Miz a pass for being just as bad. You knock guys like Batista for not having great mic skills but give Ziggler a pass for being worse.

      3. You're right. You don't get me. I never said the Miz was as bad as Cena. At this point, the Miz is better and will likely get better still. I never knocked Batista solely for his mic skills. I knocked Batista for sucking at every aspect of sports entertainment.

  7. @RRODizHere Batista gets gassed walking to the ring.

    Margarito and Pacquiao fought at a 150-pound catchweight. Pacquiao weighed 144.5 at the weigh in and weighed 148 on fight night. Margarito hit the 150 limit and weighed 165 on fight night. Using your logic, it's a miracle that Pacquiao won, yet for some reason that was the expected outcome.

    1. Be serious now. A 15 lb weight difference is nothing but a 150 lb weight difference a lot. Put Pacquiao in the ring against on of the 225 lb boxers and see what happens.

      1. A 15lb weight difference is nothing? Yet you said there were weight classes in boxing for a reason. Make up your mind.

        I actually think Pacquiao could beat most of the top 50 boxers in the heavyweight division. Most of them couldn't touch him.

      2. It would totally depend on the boxer we're talking about. If it's a top heavyweight, yeah he's in trouble. If it Butterbean than I'd take Pacquiao in a heartbeat.

      3. @rpad

        I hope the Klitchsko's (sp?) aren't 3 of the 4. Also it was Muhammad Ali's bday yesteday.

      4. well i agree that they are by far the best but i think they'd be too slow to catch Manny, don't you?

  8. It's all about cardio. I'm right at 6ft and weigh 221lbs. I'm quite solid. That said I run on a treadmill for an hour at a time 3-4 days per week. I drop down to 1 day whenever I bulk. If you are big it doesn't mean you have no cardio endurance and by the same virtue being small doesn't guarantee endurance lol.

    Takes training.

      1. It def helps. Asthma is a variable to consider. A friend of mine is a big drinker and smoker yet he runs marathons. Weird things.

      2. Lawrence Taylor said he smoke $1,000 worth of cocaine a week while he was playing in the NFL and still put up Hall of Fame numbers. Weird things indeed.

      3. RRoD: Speaking of football…..(shakes head in disgust)……….what happened to your Falcons? I knew they were overrated, but DAAAAAAAMN!!!!!!!!!!

      4. Matt Ryan isn't a postseason QB yet. The O only put up 14pts.

        AR on the other hand was plain unstoppable.

      5. I don't think QB play was their only problem. Matt Ryan doesn't play in the defensive secondary…..

        Frankly, I thought all year that they were getting a lot of praise for winning close games on what was an overall weak schedule. Same argument really could be made about the Ravens.

      6. Most TV football analysts, who tend to only look at "last week" and not the season as a whole. That's why whenever a team loses, we immediately re-rank the "power ratings" and all that other bullshit, because in TV land,one 2 pt loss to another really good team means you're no longer a Super Bowl contender.

      7. I have no answer. I don't know how you can win 13 games and play like that in the playoffs. I know the playoffs are different but the Falcons got the worse beating I've ever seen in my life. Matt Ryan only threw 9 INTs the whole year and threw 2 stupid INTs in that game. The defense got to Rogers several times and couldn't bring him down. The Packer receivers were wide open the whole game. The Packers didn't punt the ball once in that game. Inexcusable. At least we improved from the previous year I guess.

      8. Honestly, I think that trip trough the NFC West made them look better than they actually were. That's really why there were 3 ten win teams in the NFC South this year. Atlanta and New Orleans are both good teams, but I think even Smartguy would agree that the Saints didn't play nearly as well this year as last and they still went 11-5. It's really apparent if you look at the "10-6 Buccaneers" who only beat one good team all year, and that was the last game of the season against the Saints.

      9. Yep. But we also get the AFC East, so that means Dolphins, Patriots and Jets. So it's a trade off. lol.

      10. Also, the Falcons did beat the Packers in the regular season but got manhandled when it really counted.

      11. The Seahawks beat the Bears in the regular season too. It's always easy to say Team A beat Team B, so Team A is better. I remember a couple of years ago, my friend Bill A HUGE Packers fan) was convinced that the Packers were gonna steamroll the Giants in the playoffs and go on to the Super Bowl because all he was focusing on was the one win the Packers had earlier in the season against the Giants. But the Giants played horrible in their first 2 games in 2007, and then were really good the rest of the year after that. We all know what happened in the playoffs after that. Watching the games this year, the Packers and Bears are both playing much better football now then they were then. I really like the Packers especially, and I think that they might be the best team left right now.

  9. …last game I loved. Hmm, I really liked a lot of games and I can rattle off a list of great games that made me like video games even more, but I don't think they really summed everything up for me. Halo, Pokemon, Starfox, goldeneye, etc. are games that I have spent a lot of time playing- I'm just not sure that they are really ones that I have loved. Two that I can think of though are Super Mario Bros. 64, and Mirror's Edge. They are both excellent games that I loved to play, and love to keep going back to playing. I think those would have to be single player games that I loved, multiplayer games that I love would probably be Halo CE, Goldeneye, Mario Party, and Mario Kart 64. Also, I love playing all of the pokemon games, but I feel like they are different in a way that I am not able to pinpoint right now.

    1. Thanks! It has been quite a ride. The site started 2010 just above one-million. It got as high as 89K, but took a massive hit when I did the AC: Brotherhood video work and that freelance gig in Shanghai. I'd like to get back to under 100K, but it's tough.

  10. @Ray

    Seems my wordpress login was compromised. Sorry if anything foul made it on the site.

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