ESPN Slams Kobe Bryant Over Call of Duty Commercial

ESPN The Magazine senior writer Tim Keown blasted Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant for appearing in the commercial for Call of Duty: Black Ops. He preys on ignorant readers’ sympathies by weaving a tale of teen-aged boys killed by gun violence and ties it to Bryant appearing in a commercial for an M-rated game. Here’s a clip from this amazingly irresponsible article:

Seriously, is that really Kobe Bryant carrying an assault weapon with the word “MAMBA” on the barrel? Did Kobe Bryant, the highest-paid player in the NBA, take money not only to advertise a shooting game but actually shoot — or simulate shooting — an automatic weapon while doing it? None of his people, not his wife or his agent or someone in the NBA offices, advised him against this?

I love ESPN — the network, the web site, and the magazine — so I was incredibly disappointed by Keown’s piece-of-crap article. Keown is a fine writer, but it was totally bush league of him not to mention that the game is rated M by the ESRB. I don’t believe for a second that he (or his editors) didn’t know this.

As some of you know, I’ve hated Bryant ever since he waved off a Karl Malone pick in an all-star game. I can’t believe I’m defending the alleged rapist, but Keown’s attack is ignorant and irresponsible. Sadly, people will buy into because he leaves out details like the game’s ESRB rating and intended audience. Ugh.


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14 thoughts on “ESPN Slams Kobe Bryant Over Call of Duty Commercial”

  1. F espn. They lost all credibility with the Lebron decision show.

    Also espn360 programming sucks. Always soccer, ncaab, or some replay of pop Warner college football I'd never watch. Not worth the increase in Live.

    1. I agree with SG on ESPN losing credibility, at least with me, over the LBJ "decision".

      I disagree about ESPN360 I think it is wonderful ( I often find myself watching CFL and soccer late at night ) but I do wish there was more content. It will only get better.

    2. I like soccer. I wish there was more of the EPL on ESPN since I don't get FOX Soccer Channel anymore.

  2. why does everyone and everything have to be fucking cravenly PC?

    its a video game, guns are cool, being involved in a firefight without actually having to worry about being shot is about the coolest thing video gaming has brought us…sides

  3. I didn't even know he was in it (mostly because I don't know what he looks like). The only person I recognized was Jimmy Kimmel.

  4. I think it's a great commercial. ESPN is getting out of control with themselves. I would boycott them but their fantasy leagues are real easy for me. I'm playing on a yahoo one this year and i get the hang of that league or interface to save my life even with an iphone app.

  5. This is a man who was accused of raping a girl and you think that a commercial for a video game should effect his public image? I'd argue the fact he's even allowed to participate in a video game commercial signals that his public image has survived despite it all.

    Yeah, a lot of people die at the hands of people who shoot guns. Anyone who tries to argue that "video games lead to shooting deaths" doesn't understand the core of the issue: Anyone so horribly effected by a video game that they would kill another person has FAR deeper issues than just "he played Call of Duty, and then he shot someone."

    Seriously, the worst part of all of this is that I'm a Celtics fan and he's making me defend Kobe Bryant with his ridiculous position on this.

    1. So… you're saying that just being accused of rape without being found guilty is enough to tarnish a public image for good?

      Do you see the danger in accepting that?

      1. No, I'm saying that his sponsors ran from him like he was a rabid dog when he was accused, and now they're back because he's rehabilitated his image.

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