Athletes Should Stop Texting (Tony Parker, Eva Longoria)

Athletes really need to cut it out with the naughty text messaging. Recently, Minnesota Viking’s Brett Favre was accused of sending SMS messages of his schlong to a woman. Now Eva Longoria has filed for divorce from San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker over sexually explicit text messages to and from Erin Barry (soon to be ex-wife of ex-teammate Brent Barry).

This sounds like a bad network drama. Longoria is hot and Parker is…well, French. He’s (allegedly) cheating on her with his ex-teammates wife?!? That’s crazy (Brian Fellow)!!! My favorite part of this situation is that Saved by the Bell’s Mario Lopez was the one that spilled the beans (he’s pals with Longoria).┬áThe affair isn’t as crazy as Justin Timberlake (allegedly) sleeping with Olivia Munn behind Jessica Biel’s back, but it’s pretty nuts.

I’m waiting for a general manager to prohibit his or her players from texting and tweeting. Some of them need to be saved from themselves.


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  1. You would think they have people to train these dummies on not how to get caught. Why get married in the first place if your going to cheat?

  2. Neither Brett Favre, Michael Vick, or Ben Roethlisberger have ANYTHING on <a>this dude.

    It seems that football is still trying to catch up to rugby.

      1. wow! is right! wtf was he thinking?! yeah let me just do this lewd act in front of all of teammates and hope that no one is taking a pic or vid to later blackmail or shame me with.

      2. @iceman

        dude, do you think my name would be tokz if i got shit faced???

        What a great game by DA BEARS last night!!!!!

      3. Awww… that was a low blow. I still have the bile taste in my mouth from throwing up all night long because of that nauseating game. I couldn't take it anymore and started playing Bayonetta after the third quarter to cheer me up. To think that I could have actually gone to that game makes me even more sick to my stomach. Thank god I didn't go.

        I'm not really all that shocked since they were down to the third-string QB (Tyler). I was more disappointed because I really thought he was better than Chad Henne and this was the opportunity he had to prove that, but unfortunately, he just proved why he was a third-string QB. I'm actually surprised the limited the Bears to just 16 points.

        So, in the words of Smartguy (and hopefully not being to crude about it); Force Unleashed. Forced Unleashed, buddy!


        P.S.- If you didn't get that last sentence, simply refer to that game by it's short-hand name.

  3. You know…..when you are married to someone…..the absolute LEAST you can do is keep your junk in your pants.

    1. My wife likes my junk out of my pants.

      Especially when she's doing laundry. This woman washed my wallet once.

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