AT&T Commercial Triples Sales of Cool-Jams

I’m sure most of you have seen that AT&T commercial where a really hot chick professes her love for Cool-Jams. (It’s embedded above in case you haven’t.) The gag was meant to show off the power of AT&T’s mobile network (*snicker*) and poke fun at an uncool product. A curious side effect of the spot is a surge in Cool-Jams sales. According to a company press release:

Recently AT&T casually mentioned Cool-jams in one of their national commercials. Since then Cool-jams monthly sales have tripled.

My theory is that anything will sell if it’s mentioned by a really sexy woman.

Full disclosure: I’m actually friends with the girl in the commercial. This is just an elaborate way for me to say, “Hey! We really should hang out and catch up.” So take that Kim!


Author: RPadTV

11 thoughts on “AT&T Commercial Triples Sales of Cool-Jams”

  1. hmmmm, i only hear Cool Jams mentioned once and it's not by a hot chick. I may be missing something. i've never heard of Cool Jams but i'll take a look it at on at&t's website before i go on a spending spree, chances are there's a jb app for that.

      1. i never said that! i just said that i only hear cool jams being mentioned once and it's 7 seconds into this video and it's by a guy.

      2. oh you're right?!?!?! i think i just focused on hearing cool jams and tuned out everything else.


  2. Wow. I heard that before but I just assumed it was something music related. Thanks for the link Ray now I know it is pajamas. Thats just funny.

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