WWE Undertaker Confronts Brock Lesnar at UFC 121

Here’s a fascinating interview with WWE Superstarstar The Undertaker at UFC 121. He’s out of character, which is super rare for ‘Taker; he’s very protective of his character and rarely makes appearances — let alone gives interviews — as his “real” self. Secondly, he has a brief confrontation with Brock Lesnar (fresh from his thrashing by Cain Velasquez). The Undertaker has heat with Lesnar over some old WWE issues.

Check out the clip and let me know what you think (please)!

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11 thoughts on “WWE Undertaker Confronts Brock Lesnar at UFC 121”

  1. Wow… he sounds so… normal. Surprised that he would be so willing to jump at Brock to, considering the mountain man of a beard he had going on. Real gentleman like to just leave it at "Personal" though. Classy even. Rare to see that. Always have loved Taker.

    1. I have a ton of respect for 'Taker — not so much for his in-ring work (which is uneven), but for the stability and leadership he provides in the locker room. Yes, he has a ton of fans and with the right opponent he can still put on a top match, but he's just outstanding at keeping things cool backstage.

  2. Even when he isn't in the same organization The Undertaker refuses to put anybody else over.

      1. I'd put Triple H at the top of this category. It's funny, I was interviewing Hurricane at a WWE even. He was playing against Hunter in the game and said, "Hell, Hunter won't even sell for me in a videogame!"

  3. it'd be awesome if Taker took Paul bearer with him whereever he went

    and he'd need to stay in character, and do chores for him, like order food at a drive through

    yes, im amused by the concept of paul bearer ordering a number 1 with no pickles, in character

  4. I watched this video on my phone last night and that is honestly the first time I have ever seen the Taker not in character. Pretty cool stuff and damn he is super respectful. That interview could of went horribly wrong.

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