How Bad Will the Nintendo 3DS Shortage Be?

Most analysts chalk up Nintendo’s February 2011 3DS launch to supply issues. Several experts predicted a November 2010 launch in Japan, with other regions getting the portable gaming system in March 2011. That fits in with the information I gathered at GDC 2010. Since Nintendo will be launching the 3DS in multiple regions in the span of a month, analysts are predicting a supply shortage, but how bad will it be?

Nintendo had a devil of a time meeting demand for the Wii, but who could have predicted those ridiculous sales? The 3DS is pretty much a sure thing — there’s no doubt that it will sell millions out of the gate. Nintendo knows this like I know water is wet. That said, there will probably be hundreds of thousands of people that want a 3DS but won’t be able to get one in February/March 2011. I don’t expect the shortage to be as bad as the Wii, but I could see it lasting throughout the year.

What do you think? Will the 3DS be difficult to obtain throughout 2011? Or will it only be in short supply for a few months? Does the prospect of a shortage have you thinking about pre-ordering the system?

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14 thoughts on “How Bad Will the Nintendo 3DS Shortage Be?”

  1. I think it won't be as hard to get in the US as in Japan. Old people and soccer moms aren't going to flock to this for exercise.

  2. I think there will be a shortage at first, my bro and a friend of mine could not find a PSPgo locally for a few months after the launch and most of us considered that machine not so great. I never technically owned a portable console but I think this will be the year (2011) and if there is a shortage I will get a PSP first.

  3. Nintendo is saying they expect to sell 4 million in the first month. So they'd better have at least 4 million shipped and ready to go.

  4. @Ray: Sell all of them in the first month? I don't know about that. If the price is too high, I don't see it happening.

  5. @Nightshade

    1.4 million iPhone 4 sold in 48 hours. Stuff sells. The iPad, EVO, Droid X also sold crazy numbers. Consumer electronics sell.

  6. I read the first 3 paragraphs and had no idea the article was that long lol. Oh well that is why Rpad has a site and I don't lmao!

  7. @Big Blak
    ha! you didn’t read the rest of the article. It has the dates that Rpad mentions in this article. A little too quick on the trigger buddy.

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