T-Mobile G2 Looks Like an HTC Nexus One with a Keyboard

The super sleuths at Engadget have posted pictures of the upcoming HTC G2 for T-Mobile. It totally looks like an HTC Nexus One with a keyboard…which is not at all impressive for a phone being released in September 2010. While its innards are most likely the third-best CPU/GPU combo available today (Snapdragon), I’m really turned off by the 3.7-inch screen. That simply doesn’t cut if for a flagship product in Q3. Oh well. Hopefully the rumored November “Project Emerald” release will be more impressive.

Let me know what you think of the phone when you have a chance.


Author: RPadTV


One thought on “T-Mobile G2 Looks Like an HTC Nexus One with a Keyboard”

  1. I agree Ray…the combo of the 3.7 packaged with the snapdragon really doesn't do much for me. I really can't wait for smartphones to get like PCs where you can customize internal components and order from the manufacturer. Snapdragon is so 8 months ago!

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